I was reading Tite Kubo's Twitter, he can now read english tweets now(I think), because Kubo just got an iphone and it has a translation app. But the main point of this was to be funny. Anyway I was working out yesterday listening to my ipod and I listened to Lady Gaga & Beyonce's "telephone" and I thought to myself, this sounds so bleach, I wonder is Kubo likes Lady Gaga? Well he does Kubo is a Gaga fan! I mean it makes sense when you think about it. Anyway basically what he said was "My favorite song right now is 'Telephone" by Lady Gaga & Beyonce. I just wish Beyonce would have sung more of the song, not just towards the end, that was kind of unfair." Here is the original tweet レディガガのTelephoneのPV、面白いなぁ。最近一番好き。後半のビヨンセの使い方とかずるい。

Just thought it was a funny story. --Lemursrule 23:12, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

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