I have been really annoyed about some of the comments I have read in some Bleach forums about this week's episode. Some of the complaints include:

  • Uryu's hand not being ripped off
  • Hollow Ichigo not throwing Ulquiorra's severed arm
  • Reuse of some Soul Carnival 2 footage.

First off all be happy they kept Ulquiorra's arm being cut off and not being butchered like the Ranginku- Ayon scene. This was actually the first frontal severed arm shot we have seen in Bleach. The reason Uryu kept his hand and Ulquiorra not is censorship reasons. Fortunately Ulquiorra can regenerate his arm, Uryu S.O.L(S*#t out of luck) so they fact Ulquiorra can regenerate like a lizard with its tail makes it "ok" by censorship means. I am SO TIRED of people saying "Uryu should have lost his arm WHY!" First of all Bleach air at 6:00 at night on a school night in Japan where young might be watching. Bleach airs in the United States 12:30 Saturday night on cable. Censorship wise we can get away with murder, that is why the english dub has A LOT more cursing than the Japanese dub( not what the fansubs say the actually Japanese dialogue where they only curses they really say are damn it, crap, basterd, hell, where they dub uses those words and nice additives like dumba*#, and shmuch). I could have also swore a few times they added more blood for the adult swim broadcast.

Secondly again you can't be throwing severed arms at dinner time, and personally even though the arm was gory, I prefer the anime with the bolder, it was more bada#* and showed how powerful Ichigo's new hollow form was, the arm plot wise was kinda lame.

Lastly EVERY ANIMATION STUDIO REUSES ANIMATION. Hell even Disney does, in the final dance scene in beauty and the beast was animation from sleeping beauty with Belle and the beast in human form traced over. Dragon ball kai is just traced over dbz animation. So before people complain about Studio Pierrot taking a few seconds of previously released animation they should consider the following: First off all animation is not cheap. From what I have heard it costs about 1 million american dollars to produce a single episode of Bleach, and Japan is still in a 20+ year economic crisis. Why throw away perfectly good animation, just because some of it was used for a cutscene in a video game. Plus you guys who can buy the dvds and are not buying them are not helping the situation. The censorship was not bad I lived without the uryu severed hand, I prefer that to no Ulquiorra arm loss(that would have been devastating). Frankly the breaking of the arm made me cringe more than what happened in the manga where it was BANG! CRAP I LOST MY HAND! I like it when I really get into the story like that. Plus I love how they switched to black and white, that was just genius. Plus people complained about all the Kurosaki-Kun's. Ok I will give them that one, I wish they would change some of them to either Ichigo or just plain Kurosaki. Also Yuki's acting for Orihime was a bit off, I did not get the same heartbreak from episode 141. I did not feel the same despair in the screams and the crying as I got in the manga. And again I will say this again, don't bite my head off this is my opinion and I have a right to it. I think Yuki's voice is WAY TOO HIGH for Orihime, Stephanie Sheh is a much better Orihime and is closer to manga Orihime than Yuki and frankly Stephanie is a much better actress than Yuki. Plus Stephanie makes the character less annoying and lovable. If any of you guys have not heard Stephanie's Orihime here it is from episode 141

The final verdict is in a perfect world there would be no censorship, but hey it could be worse. Overall the episode was amazing and can't wait for next week's episode :) --Lemursrule 04:44, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

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