Hey guys, here's an awesome interview conducted by KuroAshi with members of the wiki community about Bleach. - Arrancar109 - Lemursrule - Mohrpheus - Salubri - SunXia - Xilinoc - Godisme 4957813.png - Kamikaze839 - KuroAshi98

Q. If you had to choose between the anime or manga, which would you choose and why?

Q. What do you feel was Bleach’s strongest point?

Q. What about it's lowest?

Q. How do you feel Tite Kubo handles his characters? Does he give them enough development for their importance to the story? Do the anime-only stories do them justice?

Q. Excluding Aizen, what kind of antagonist do you think would suit Bleach? Have any of the villains created by Studio Pierrot felt like they really had a place in the world?

Q. How about Ichigo? Do you feel he properly fits into the role of the protagonist, or is there something you’d rather see from the main character?

Q. The art style in Bleach has changed a lot over the years, was there a specific time where you really enjoyed how the manga was drawn or has it just continued to become better in your opinion?

Q. Has the anime been able to capture the same level of quality? I know there’ll be times when the budget limits this, but do you think it is able to create a similar feel?

Q. Tite Kubo has said in the past that the way he draws his fight scenes was inspired by several movies. Do you find these scenes to be entertaining? And do you prefer seeing them as still images or animated?

Any last words you want to say about Bleach?

Thank you for staying with and reading through our first Bleach Wiki interview! Hopefully you found the answers interesting and have been given some insight into the opinions of some of our community's users!

--LemursYou are about to enter the Twlight Zone  17:04,1/21/2013  17:04, January 21, 2013 (UTC)

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