Well, it's that time of the week again! But first OMG Someone finally uploaded the fourth Bleach movie ost (which means it will be up for sale on Amazon soon yippie)! And I had to post the tracks. The first track I believe will either be used for Ichigo VS Aizen or Aizen 3rd form transformation.

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_1【Incantation_Part_1】|track 1

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_2_【Cometh_The_Hour_Part_1】|track 2

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_3【Fallen_Angels】|track 3

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_4【Cometh_The_Hour_Part_2】|track 4

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_5【Killing_Field】|track 5

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_6【Then_We_Can_All_Go_Home】|track 6

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_7【Lucifers_Dance_Part_1】|track 7

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_8【Lucifers_Dance_Part_2】|track 8

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_9【Incantation_Part_2】|track 9

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_10【Snakes_Of_Despair】|track 10

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_11【Lucifers_Dance_Part_3】|track 11

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_12【SD2_4401】|track 12

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_13【SD2_83】|track 13

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_14【SD2_103】|track 14

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_15【Incantation_Part_3】|track 15

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_16_【BL57_Sakkaku】|track 16

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_17【4BLM_101_Chokkaku】|track 17

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_18_【BL06_Sakkaku】|track 18

Video:Bleach_Movie_4_Hell_Chapter_-_OST_-_Track_19_【Monolouge】|track 19

Video:Bleach Movie 4 Hell Chapter - OST - Track 20【Number One RMB_Mix】|track 20

Video:BLEACH the Hell Verse Original Soundtrack (Incantation (Part F)|thumb|300px|left|track 21

I also sent a thank you/xmas card to Kubo-sensei, I was able to get his address at Weekly Jump. Lia Schiffer I know I showed it to you a few weeks ago, to everyone else behold the super-chibi epic cuteness that is Ulquiorra in a Santa suit!

Ulquiorra santa mini

I did it in silver card stock so that it would look winter-y (yeah I know that's not a word) and also so you can't tell what my markers started to run out. Also, if you are not already aware, Bleach 302 will be the last new episode for this year, Bleach will return on January 4th with a Bleach new year special, hooray finally my fan-girl fantasies of a Bleach holiday special have come true! So starting December 22 until January 2nd, I will be on a two week hiatus, and I will not be able to access a computer from December 26-January 1st, because I will be partying down South for a week. So, if I don't respond to any messages between then, I'm sorry. Also remember Voting is open for January's featured articles. So if you want to vote for the monthly featured articles, just click these links:

Featured Article, Featured Picture and Featured Quote!

Now with all of that out of the way, let's do this thing.

I LOVED THIS EPISODE! I have already watched the episode 3 times on Crunchyroll! I loved the pacing, the action, music, the art, the animation, everything was extremely well done. I loved GIN's EYES!
Gin grin eyes


I mean I thought Gin was hot in episode 297, but this blows it away, I mean THE HAIR!

Speaking of hair, Aizen's hair was done beautifully. I was worried that Pierrot might make it look too stiff, but it flowed so naturally, I almost touched my macbook.

Behold the Romantic Novella Mullet of DOOM!

Plus I am glad they kept the purple sclera and the gray irises. It's really creepy! Plus Aizen is the only person I know that can make purple so BADa%$! Well, maybe if Barney the purple dinosaur became a ninja (yes I am that old to remember that), but other than that Aizen owns purple!

I love how they did the flashes of all the different character's who's lives are now in danger! I actually started to cry a little bit, because we know what's coming...WHY KUBO! I know he had contributed everything that he could as a character and his plot-line had finished BUT WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!

-5 minutes later after uncontrollable sobbing-

(Sniffles) Oh, sorry about that! ...Anyway

I love how they added the richness of the sky of the Soul Society, the same way that it was in Fade to Black. I mean look how much richer the color is.


back in 2005

Aizen Transformed


The acting in this episode was wonderful. You could feel how helpless Ichigo was, his father's determination to save Karakura Town, how alarmed Gin was with Aizen. I loved it when Gin said, "Captain Aizen?" continuously as the cleaner zoomed towards both of them. Again I have so much praise for this episode.

The omake was also very good! I loved everyone's dead-pan reaction to Byakuya's "design."

Ok Final Rundown

  • Story 9/10
  • Art/Animation 10/10
  • Music 9/10
  • Acting 10/10
  • Omake 7/10

Overall I give Bleach 301 a 9 out of 10

Since next week will be my final blog of 2010, I am going to share my favorite Bleach moments of 2010, and what can we look forward to in 2011, as we enter into Bleach's 10th year of publication. I would love it if you guys did the same.

See You Next Time for my Review of Bleach 302, and a year in review! --Lemursrule (talk) 04:17, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

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