Hey sorry this is super-late guys, this week has been UTTER HELL FOR ME! Tuesday was my dad's birthday, so I postponed the blog to celebrate. On Wednesday morning, my dog ran away (she's ok I got her home)because some moron left the gate open at my house, then after that I had a blackout in my neighborhood. Yesterday I had a class to go to. Today, I lost tv and internet access for 6 hours. But, enough of my pointless existence on with the reviews. First up anime.

All right, the episode recaps about the last 5 minutes of 293, then we see Ichigo in shock and awe of the events that just occurred. Ichigo then charges at Aizen, then enter Yamamoto. The one thing Pierrot can animate without flaw is fire, even back in the day Yama's fire was epic. I love how they added the injured captains, it was a nice way to tie up loose ends in the manga. Poor Toshiro, man he looks like he's in really bad shape. Then we get to the badass old man we know and love, and the dialogue between Aizen and Yamamoto is without a doubt epic. I love the fact how Aizen is all smirk and pulls the "is it really me or an illusion" speech, and Yama gives the "do you really think you can pull a fast one on me" line. Things are looking "too hot" for Aizen. I love Ichigo's facial expression when Yama tells him to stand back it looks so young and natural and the animation is so smooth. Plus I don't think Sūi Feng likes the idea of being burnt to death. Toshiro doesn't look like he was "informed" either. ENTER Frankenstein 2.0...(cough) I mean Wonderweiss. The entrance looks much more epic here than it did in the manga. Wonderweiss reminds me of the homunculus of fma brotherhood, I almost expected those blaring red eyes to appear, oh wait give it a demonic eyes work too! Wonderweiss...Attack! Ouch old man punch! Yama's fist performs the awesome falcon punch of doom! The music for this week in some parts could have been better(I just don't like to music for the bount arc*twitch*and it really doesn't fit Bleach's attitude as a show now) but I love how the used the same music in episode 55 when he first releases his Ryujinjakka(track name is storm center) when he begins the offense with WW. I do have a slight problem with ww's screaming, I know they are trying to get that banshee like feeling, maybe it's because I am used to Wonderweiss's english voice, which is slightly(and I do mean slightly) deeper, the screaming in this episode is more high pitched than Tomoko Kaneda(which I don't know how that is even possible), and it doesn't really work. I expected more of a kung-fu frankenstein(more moaning and snarling), than a high pitched ninja(which is what we got). Plus I think Ichigo is going to have some competition in next year's "WTF face championship." Man I think Yama is the new champ in arm ripping. Plus I love how scared WW is I can feel his fear. Now epic in 3,2,1...Sokotsu! Man I could not believe they showed wonderweiss's head fall off(although it was one of the least gory things in fkt). I love how Yamamoto feels sorry for Wonderweiss, it's a side we have not really seen from him before. In a strange way, Yamamoto spared Wonderweiss from further humiliation. I love how they kept the suspense about where Ryujinjakka's flames went to. Plus what happened to Wondweiss's head was quite disturbing and I was eating breakfast the time I was watching yeah. I LOVE THE GOLF CLAP! I mean it is SO AIZEN, I wanted him to do that in the manga, and that children is what we call good filler. It was great how they made Ittokaso and what why Yama's one arm is all that he lost, a little clearer than the manga did. This is one case where color makes a real difference when trying to determine what exactly is going on. Ittokaso looks so beast here. I love how they made the transition to red, it does this scene so many favors. Again, Ichigo's mask doesn't look that great, but the good news is from he preview for 295, it looks A LOT BETTER! So, I'm not going to round up an angry mob and go to Pierrot, just for 2.5 seconds of somewhat crappyness. The omake was great, it showed meanwhile in Hueco Mundo...DON"T F*#K WITH BYAKUYA OR KENPACHI!

Ok episode rundown

  • story 8/10
  • music 8/10
  • animation 9.5/10
  • acting 9/10
  • omake 8.5/10

Overall I give Bleach 294 a 8.9 out of 10.

Ok now I wanted to do a special short review of the manga. Ok we had a little burp in the space time continuum and it is 17 months later. Yuzu and Karin are entering middle school and Ichigo is in his senior year of high school. I love this chapter because it feels like old-school Bleach, the obscure pop-culture references, the offbeat humor, Ichigo and company at school, but this time Ichigo cannot see ghosts. Even worse, Rukia has not come even once, which really isn't her fault because she can't just waltz over grab a gigai, and hang with Ichigo without an order. First and foremost Rukia is a soldier, and that would be an abuse of power. I mean even though when Rukia gave her powers to Ichigo, the punishment was taken extremely out of proportion, she still broke the law and is still on SS's S*$t-list. Bringing that all into context, it makes their farewell last chapter so much worse. Plus Ichigo is drinking a juice box on the roof with...helloooo Keigo,hmm, remind you of someone. I love everyone's next look and yes Mizuiro looks bi-shounen, but that's his character. Tatsuki, looks beautiful I love the line about Tennken, good old Tatsuki. Can't wait to see other looks in upcoming chapters. I am in the please give Rukia long hair club. Plus the twist we have another substitute Soul Reaper(Ukitake said that there have been others). Bleach looks like it's all uphill now. I give this chapter 10/10.

Anyway join me next week when I review episode 295, on time! --Lemursrule (talk) 01:52, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

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