Hey guys its time to review a new dub episode of Bleach.

One thing that really annoys me about filler is how Yoruichi is somehow designated as "master explainer" in pretty much every filler arc and somehow magically appears in Soul Society despite the fact that she has been exiled for life. Plus the whole fictional lesbian relationship between Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng is ridiculous. Look I am a big supporter of LBGT rights, but trying to make someone a lesbian to create fanservice is childish and dumb. In reality in my person the only characters who have differing sexual orientations are Yumichika, Chizuru (possibly Rangiku who might be bisexual), so why is it necessary?

One other thing I noticed was Studio Pierrot made it really obvious that Byakuya was the good guy. Once Byakuya was shown to have the ability to release his Zanpakuto should have been the big hint.

Anyway, I thought the episode was okay.

Overall it was an ok episode.

Final Rundown

  • Story 6/10
  • Art/Animation 7/10
  • Sound Effects 9/10
  • Script adaptation 9/10
  • Music 8.5/10
  • Acting 9/10

I give Bleach episode 245 a 8 out of 10.

Join me on Tuesday when I review Bleach 365 and going me next Saturday when I review Bleach 246 dubbed.

Until Next Time! --LemursYou are about to enter the Twlight Zone  04:56,3/18/2012  04:56, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

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