Hey Bleach fans, it's the first new episode of Bleach of 2012, and I'm ready to review. Honestly, the episode was for a lack of a better term… strange. Although the New Year's special last year was “different,” it still had some charm to it. The special this year was just plain weird, and honestly I was disappointed. I really liked the New Year's special last year, and for Pierrot to do all this Gintama-esque humor was really a letdown. I mean this humor is just not really Bleach humor. To me Bleach humor is smart, with a hint of sexual innuendo, but this was just this bizarre. Although some aspects of the episode were funny (Izuru's "Screamface" first of all scared the crap out of me at 4:30 in the morning, and the Kaien thing was funny...but), but overall the episode was kind of a let down.

Now to talk about the new ending, Mask by Aqua Timez. I really liked the music to this ending, and I thought the character designs in the ending were fantastic, but overall the ending was okay. The whole upside down rainbow thing was weird to say the least (I don't know if it's Bleach's version of a double rainbow?). One thing is for certain though, Aqua Timez and their manager must really love the bleach anime series a lot, that after Aqua Timez performed the ending for Memories of Nobody, they went on to perform three more times for the bleach anime series. Overall the ending was okay, nothing spectacular.

The music selection and Omake were decent, and overall the episode was just meh.

Final Rundown

  • Story 6/10
  • Art/Animation 7/10
  • Sound Effects 8/10
  • Music 7/10
  • Acting 8.5/10
  • Omake 6/10

I give Bleach episode 355 a 7.1 out of 10. Remember to join me on next week, when I review Bleach episode 356, and I have already posted reviews for dubbed episodes 236 [1]and 237[2], so join me for my review of Bleach 238 dubbed (which has just been posted on iTunes) later.

Plus check out my "year of review best of worst of 2011 blog here:


Until Next Time!

--Lemursrule (talk) 20:22, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

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