It's Tuesday again, time to review a brand new episode of Bleach. I really liked this week's episode, because it gave us quite a bit of information. We learn about naturally occurring Senkaimon and multiple Dangai. I think the concept of natural Senkaimon and other Dangai is a very interesting concept. I think it is a very cool idea, but it does not seem totally out of the Bleach universe. The idea is feasible, and I think the concept has a lot of potential.

We also saw something we never thought possible in Bleach filler. CHAD AND ORIHIME WERE ACTUALLY USEFUL! I would really like to thank the writer (whoever he or she is) who came up with the idea for two main characters other than Ichigo and Rukia to be helpful and not just scenery. Chad did not lose, nor did he turn into a bleeding meat puppet. Orihime has really taken "the initiative" so to speak, and has really been proactive with the entire situation with the Reigai. So for the person or persons who made that decision...THANK YOU!

There was also more Kon and Nozomi character development, which is always appreciated. I think we start to get an idea about what Nozomi's purpose plot wise is. I figured the reason was to stop Inaba, but she is staying away from the cliché "I must stop his evil plot" speech. The speech may or may not happen, but either way I like the fact that her purpose was not stated right away and gave some mystery to her character. I hate it when characters basically monologue their entire character motivation right away and basically give away the entire plot. It is extremely cliché, and it makes me not want to care about them. My reasoning is "If you basically tell me your entire background right off the bat, why should I be interested or care about what happens to you?" I also love her independent attitude, and her willingness to stop Inaba no matter the cost. I really hope she keeps that attitude and doesn't turn into a "screaming Mary-Sue." I will just have to keep my fingers crossed. My hope is that she will continue develop a relationship between Ichigo, his friends, and the rest of the Soul Society group.

I also appreciate that Ichigo's diminishing powers were brought up again. I honestly forgot that he was still loosing his powers, because Ichigo has not been the main focus (which is not necessarily a bad thing) the last two or three episodes. Studio Pierrot is doing what I hoped they would do, by adding drama to Ichigo's lose of powers, instead of making him more of the quintessential living power-up that he has (had) been. This gives us as the audience to opportunity to accept the fact that Ichigo looses all of his powers. In the manga it happened so fast that it hit like a ton of bricks, and it left us emotionally confused. I think from an anime standpoint, it gives us more of an emotional attachment to Ichigo and makes us feel for him more as a character. If Studio Pierrot can execute this correctly, then when "the scene" comes, it will be very powerful. I mean even in the manga, Ichigo still doesn't have all of his powers back. He is getting there, but I still don't think we will see Ichigo in Soul Reaper action for quite awhile. This is Studio Pierrot's way of making the audience understand that fact. It is a major transition, and audience needs to gradually adjust to that fact. For years audiences have known Ichigo to be super powerful, and to have him suddenly be less powerful than when he is first introduced is a pretty big adjustment. So instead of just BAM no powers, it will be a more calm "downgrading" so to speak. In the long run, I think Studio Pierrot made the right decision when it came to handling Ichigo's power loss.

The omake was ok, but the preview for next week!!! OH BOY!!! This is what Kenpachi fanboys have only dreamt of! So next week looks awesome!

Overall it was a very enjoyable and informative episode, and I am really looking forward to next week's episode.

Final Rundown

  • Story 9/10
  • Art/Animation 9/10
  • Sound Effects 10/10
  • Music 8/10
  • Acting 9/10
  • Omake 7/10

I give Bleach episode 323 a 8.7 out of 10. Remember to join me next Tuesday when I review Bleach episode 324, and join me on Saturday when I review Bleach 206 dubbed.

Until Next Time! --Lemursrule (talk) 22:38, May 24, 2011 (UTC)

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