Well, I hope everyone has had a nice spring holiday, I certainly did. I just have a few really quick announcements before I begin the review. First, voting will be closing soon for article, picture, and quote of the month. I know there are slim pickings this month, but if you have the time please vote. Plus a little heads up to members of Translation Corner, you might want to check the spoiler page under manga. You will either be thrilled or want to jump out a window.

This week's episode was a vast improvement over last week's episode. The episode had tons of action, and alas could it be...MORE CRIMSON RED BLOOD! Oh blood, after years of being oddly colored, you have finally returned to your pre-oxidized form over the last few months. Welcome back! I have already noticed that bleach is making another art transition. If you have paid attention over the years, you will notice that the art in bleach gradually changes over time. The changes usually occur after a movie is produced or after a filler arc. If you look closely at the first half of the Arrancar arc (invasion, Hueco Mundo), the art in the show becomes closer to that in Memories of Nobody. Also in Fake Karakura the art resembles the art direction in Fade to Black. The art is now clearly making the transition into what I call the "Hell Chapter" style. I am liking the new art and animation styles. This is another reason why I love the Bleach anime, just like Tite Kubo, the art and animation evolve and change all the time. I hate it when shows have the same style for years on end, and it doesn't even look like they are trying to be innovative. So Studio Pierrot, keep up the great work!

It seems like the story is starting to pick up, and the next few episodes should (hopefully) be interesting. Although not a whole lot actually happened other than fights and Ichigo and Rukia escaping Soul Society, the set up for the next few episodes and the entire arc was well executed.

Final Rundown

  • Story 7/10
  • Art/Animation 9/10
  • Sound Effects 9/10
  • Music 9/10
  • Acting 8/10
  • Omake 7/10

I give Bleach episode 319 a 8.2 out of 10. Remember to join me next Tuesday when I review Bleach episode 320, and join me on Saturday when I review Bleach 202 dubbed.

I leave you guys with a really cool cover/remix of Nothing Can Be Explained.
Lira Yin, Xaleph - Nothing Can Be Explained (Bleach Remix)03:58

Lira Yin, Xaleph - Nothing Can Be Explained (Bleach Remix)

Best Bleach Remix EVER

Until Next Time! --Lemursrule (talk) 02:06, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

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