Well, after much pressure I have finally committed myself to a weekly BLEACH anime episode review. I will post these every week either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. So enjoy the first of what I hope will be many great reviews. Ok this week's review will be a little longer than usual because I will also be analyzing the new opening and ending themes.

Al-righty the new opening. When I heard that SID was doing the opening, I literally ran in circles like a nut job, but enough of my B.S on with the review. Ok so, I know the music is a little different for a BLEACH opening, but I REALLY love this song and this animation. The song is a little darker than some of the other themes in past, but the anime has gotten to the point where the manga starts to get really dark(if BLEACH wasn't already dark enough). So a darker, not so cheery theme is necessary. But, I must say Pierrot has really outdone themselves this time. The opening had so many meanings and it was really deep for me on an intellectual level. I love how they show the random destruction of buildings, it foreshadows Ichigo not being able to see spirits anymore. This opening is really revolved around Ichigo, and it is the first Bleach opening to center really on one character's perspective. I really like the kind of grunge video editing style, it really suits BLEACH well. Plus Gin is GORGEOUS IN THIS OPENING! I have only became a Gin fangirl over the last few months and I was blind not see how great he...was(KUBO WHY!) Thanks for showing me "the way" of Gin Tinni. Plus I am also a huge(no pun intended) Rangiku fan now so I was very happy and wanted to go hide in a corner when they showed Gin...going on vacation. Plus I LOVE the reverse back to the beginning of the series and they fixed the ghost girl from episode 1 and added the blood back to her face as she appeared in the manga and they added Rukia's Guide Map(which I think was the pre-curser to the soul phone) from chapter one of the manga. The drawing and animation was impeccable some of the buildings appeared to look like photographs at first glance, that is how well they were drawn. Plus I love how Orihime is now visually shown to be split between both worlds(life and death, the world of the living and the worlds of souls Hueco Mundo and Soul Society). Plus we get Deathberry 2.0(insert fangirl squeals here). Overall I give the opening 10/10.

Ok now to the actually Episode. Not too much happens this week in terms of actual plot progress. So basically here is what happens this episode. We have a recap of Tosen's last moments alive and then the scene cuts to Ichigo returning to the Fake Karakura Town and prepares to attack Aizen. Ichigo fails to attack Aizen even with his hollowfication and the Visoreds and the Thirteen Court Guard squads vow to protect Ichigo. Toshiro and Kyoraku try to attack Aizen to no avail. The episode ends with Toshiro going Bankai and begins to rush towards and attack Aizen. Next week the "festival" begins, and anyone who has read to at least to chapter 400 will know what I am talking about. The animation with this episode was ok, it wasn't the most spectacular episode I have ever seen, but it was by no means the worst. There were some mild flaws, Ichigo's mask could have been detailed a little bit better and at times Komamora's mouth seemed to stretch a little too much, but other than that I had no other problems animation wise. The effects animation was well done, and Aizen in this episode was gorgeous. This is the best I have seen him anime-wise. The music selection was perfect, I love how it was a mix between all of the BLEACH osts and the music and the way it was cut invoked the right emotion in me and I was overall satisfied with the selection.

Ok now here is what I think about the new ending. I love the new ending, it shows Ichigo's journey and all of the people that have had an influence on him. I love the selection of Last moment by SPYAIR. I think it reflects Ichigo's last moments of a Soul Reaper and they have him running towards a brighter future. Plus we see Grimmjow and Nel pop in front of us on the screen(a sign perhaps) and I'm sorry I know Ulquiorra popped in front of us to but ULQUIORRA HAS GONE WITH THE WIND, I know it sucks that he's dead but any of the really insane Ulquiorra fan-girls believe otherwise(not including you Lia since you have accepted his death) NEED TO MOVE ON! The same thing goes with Gin fan-girls too! The one thing I have noticed that all of the Bleach music themes are about relationships. We have asterisk, which is like you are my shining star(a.k.a having a crush on someone) and then we have Irichin no hana which is I will never let you go, then we have ChangE which deals with breakups, after that we have the current opening Melody Of The Wild Dance, which kinda deals with the messy after effects of a breakup then we have Last moment which is a song about moving on. I love how BLEACH has all this deep symbolism, because Lemurs here loves her symbolism. Plus I actually have proof that BLEACH makes you more intelligent. Before I read BLEACH I sucked at fictional and non-fictional literary analysis and on my recent test score I almost got a perfect score. That's great, but it's kinda depressing that I learned more about literary analysis from a manga than from a standard school course. But enough of my off-topicness here is my final rundown.

  • OP 10/10
  • ED 8/10
  • story 6.5/10
  • animation 7.5/10
  • music 10/10
  • acting 10/10
  • omake 9/10

Overall I give BLEACH 292 a rating of 8.5/10.

Come back next week when I give my review of BLEACH 293, until then peace out! --Lemursrule (talk) 02:27, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

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