Hey guys its time to review a new dub episode of Bleach.

As I had a flashback to 2009 I finally remembered that this was the point I gave up on this arc. Seriously Yumichika and Kido...WHAT! First of all Yumichika said that pretty much anyone who uses Kido in squad 11's mind is a loser and I refuses to release his true Shikai on the basis that it's power is Kido based...yet he uses Kido in this episode. Seriously why! Jeez and we thought Kubo was bad with Retacon, this is rediculus! Anyway, for my actual audio review of the episode.

Yes, I already know, Kenpachi is not being voiced by David Lodge, so seriously people stop spamming answers about it...actually in general stop spamming answers. I will answers some questions. 1. Who is voicing Kenpachi? Answer: We don't know, but our best bet right now is Crispin Freeman and we are awaiting a reply from Mr. Freeman. 2. Why did David Lodge leave? Answer: We don't know. 3. Will David Lodge comeback? Answer: Again, we don't know when or if Mr. Lodge will return to the role.

With all that out of the way let us continue.

I think Kenpachi's new va did a decent job considering the circumstances. Overall I thought everyone did an okay job.

Overall it was an ok episode.

Final Rundown

  • Story 6/10
  • Art/Animation 7/10
  • Sound Effects 9/10
  • Script adaptation 9/10
  • Music 8.5/10
  • Acting 9/10

I give Bleach episode 244 a 8 out of 10.

Join me on Tuesday when I review Bleach 364 and going me next Saturday when I review Bleach 245 dubbed.

Until Next Time! --LemursYou are about to enter the Twlight Zone  20:59,3/12/2012  20:59, March 12, 2012 (UTC)

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