Special treat for everyone (ok mainly me), I went to look on iTunes for show tunes (don't question me) and I happened to stumble across Bleach 236, so of course I bought it (heck torrents don't even know about this one yet) and I am ready to review it.

I was fortunate that iTunes offers Bleach in HD now, so I am able to give a better analysis of the animation. The animation overall was excellent, with the exception of a few shots (mainly Zabimaru) and the animation for the new Getsuga Tensho was better than I remembered (or more likely it was encoded the right way). The nice thing about the iTunes releases is while they do not contain omakes (because usually for the dub they are recorded in a later point in time for the dvd releases), they do however have the next episode previews and full endings. The next episode preview translation was great (for those who don't remember, its about Hollow Ichigo wanting a house/condo built in Ichigo's inner world and Zangetsu wanting a pet). The two performances that stood out to me were Wally Wringert (Renji) and Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo)just the two of them did a wonderful job as always. Everyone else did a great job, and overall it was a good episode.

Episode Rundown

  • Story 7/10
  • Art/Animation 9/10
  • Sound Effects 10/10
  • Script adaptation 10/10
  • Music 10/10
  • Acting 10/10

I give Bleach episode 236 a 9.3 out of 10. Remember that this episode will premiere on adult swim on January 8, 2012, and remember to join me Tuesday January 10, 2012 when I review Bleach 355.

Have a safe and happy new year!

Until Next Time!

--Lemursrule (talk) 07:00, December 30, 2011 (UTC)

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