Hello Bleach fans it's time for my weekly review of new english dubbed Bleach episodes. First some big news, for those of you who do not already know as of yesterday (or for a select few a few months ago) the dub of Bleach: Fade to Black will be released on DVD and on Blu-ray November 15. I was not really surprised about the Blu-ray announcement, but still really happy to see it. Also the chat feature for Bleach wiki is functional, and Licourtrix, Godisme, and I had a wonderful live chat during the show. I hope to do this again next week, because it is a great way to comment on the show in ways I could not necessarily do in my reviews.

With the news out of the way, on with the review.

I really liked this episode (I know I say that a lot, don't I). I thought everyone gave wonderful performances, especially Roger Craig Smith and Kyle Hebert. I cannot really imagine anyone else voicing Shinji and Aizen, and I appreciate that Studiopolis and the Japanese licensors are letting the voice actors "let loose" a little, and be more creative in their acting. In my opinion, it only makes for a stronger show. The only beef I really had with the episode was with Laura Bailey's Hiyori Hollow Scream and the voice effect with it. The first thing is, I know Laura Bailey can SCREAM (FMAB 19 is a good example [1])! So, I was a little underwhelmed by her performance. I don't know, I just expected more out of her, and the voice effect did not help. This is the sound engineer/designer in me talking, but the effect has too much warble, and when it is mixed it does not sound very good in some cases. I have an issue with the Japanese version as well, at times the effect does not pick up enough, and also the audio signals are not meshed enough. I will make a video podcast showing how you can create the voice effect. I will send the link when I am done.

I also thought little Nanao was quite cute.

Overall I thought it was a great episode, and I can't wait for next week's episode.

Final Rundown

  • Story 9/10
  • Art/Animation 10/10
  • Sound Effects 10/10
  • Script adaptation 10/10
  • Music 10/10
  • Acting 9/10

I give Bleach 211 a 8 out of 10. Remember to join me on Tuesday when I review Bleach episode 329, and join me next week when I review Bleach 212 dubbed.

Until Next Time! --Lemursrule (talk) 05:26, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

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