Wow I always sort of hoped (yeah I'm weird like that) that Bleach would get a TV-MA rating, and it finally happened tonight. The reason I suppose is Byakuya slicing his limbs, and Hantarō seemingly killed, still kind of TV-14 in my opinion, but it makes be wonder if this gets TV-MA good lord what Fake Karakura gets in terms of ratings. Enough of that on with the review, but before I begin, voting is open for April's Featured Article, Featured Picture and Featured Quote! So please vote!

A pair of AMAZING performances from Greg Eagles and Dan Woren! In terms of script and acting, this is probably one of the most elegantly scripted and performed episodes of Bleach I have ever seen! No offense to any people who are sub watchers (which I am proudly one) or sub-only people, but I'm sorry the dub just outclassed the original Japanese version of this episode in every way, shape, and form. I know a few people who work and write on the show follow the manga, and I am starting to feel that the writing team is looking more into the context of the manga when writing the dub scripts. For someone like me who looks beyond the words and pictures to see hidden meanings and seeing more than meets the eye(no this is not a Transformers reference), it means a lot to me. Now back to Greg and Dan! Those two just sent chills down my spine! I loved how Greg really understood the character of Zommari, and really got into his persona and his breakdown was just spectacular! Somehow, and I don't know why, but Zommari's release seems much more terrifying now, then back when this episode was released in Japan in 2008. Dan's Byakuya never ceases to amaze me! He really gets Byakuya's slightly Buddhist thinking of detachment, well that's because Dan is a member of the Buddhist faith and probably understands the Japanese symbolism in Bleach better than anyone else.

Spike Spencer's Hantarō was adorable in this episode! Hantarō is just so innocent and dumb(not in a stupid way), I just want to pick him up and put him in my pocket. Damn You Zommari! I will give you my version of Amor for hurting poor Hanatarō! There were also great performances by David Lodge and Michael Sinterniklaas in this episode. Although it was short, it was still very good.

Overall, this was an amazingly well done episode, and gives me great hope for future episodes!

Final Rundown

  • Story 10/10
  • Art/Animation 9/10
  • Sound Effects 10/10
  • Script adaptation 10/10
  • Music 10/10
  • Acting 10/10

My final Score for Bleach episode 197 dubbed is a 9.8 out of 10. Remember to join me on Tuesday when I review Bleach episode 315, and join me next week when I review Bleach 198 dubbed.

Until Next Time! --Lemursrule (talk) 05:09, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

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