Hello Again! I am back with another review of the english adaptation of Bleach. I have a few announcements before I begin. First, Japan still needs a lot of help and donations, Bleach's own Stephanie Sheh ran a fundraiser on Thursday with fellow Bleach cast members Troy Baker, Richard Epcar, Wendee Lee, Liam O'Brien, Ellyn Stern, Michelle Ruff, Sam Riegel, JB Blanc, Barbara Goodson, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Keith Silverstein, Lex Lang,and Tony Oliver. You can donate money to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Also, voting is beginning for April's Featured Article, Featured Picture and Featured Quote! So please vote!

I am so happy with Greg Eagles as Zommari. I don't think Studiopolis could not have cast anyone better. It's kind of a shame that Zommari did not get that much screen time, because Greg very rarely, and I do mean RARELY, does anime, or even ADR for that matter. He really is one of the best voice actors around(and is an amazing screen actor, I have seen a demo of his on screen acting and this man has such talent [1]) and I really hope in the future he will be cast in a more substantial role in Bleach. I mean he really gotten into the whole voodoo, dark magic thing, without going into an offensive racial stereotype(I think you know what I mean). I can't wait to hear more from him!

Plus I don't why people think Dan Woren is no longer voicing Byakuya. Byakuya's voice is exactly the same, and Dan even came in for his minimal dialogue for the two Bleach movies. So why especially in this economy, would he not comeback to an anime with a reoccurring character, where basically he has a guaranteed job for him for at least the next two years. On a more positive note, Dan's Byakuya still has the right amount of pridefulness, and bada^%ery, as always! With the exception of the few lines of dialogue in the Amagai filler arc, Dan has not voiced Byakuya since early 2009! So I find it very impressive for him to come in a voice a character, that he hasn't voiced in nearly two years, and just pick it up like it was only yesterday, just as fresh and in character.

I still can't figure out who the hell voices Rudobōn now! At first I thought it might be Hank Matthews, but now he sounds like Dan Woren! It is really frustrating! I will continue to search for the answer!

It's great to hear Stevie Bloch's Yachiru Kusajishi, David Lodge's Kenpachi Zaraki, Terrence Stone's Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Kate Higgins's Retsu Unohana, and Stephanie Sheh's Isane Kotetsu again! I don't know if anyone really noticed, but Terry Stone's Mayuri has a slight Wicklow(a town south of Dublin, Ireland) dialect. A Wicklow dialect is very mild dialect and sometimes sounds similar to an east coast American accent. Evanna Lynch has a similar dialect, so it is not the stereotypically "Top Of The Mornin'" accent. Well, Terry was born in Ireland, so it is nice to see him bring some of his old roots to his portrayal of Mayuri. You could hear it especially in this episode, and it really adds the creep factor to Mayuri(and they said it couldn't be done).

Hank Matthews and Michael Sinterniklaas also brought their "A" game to the episode, and I can't wait to hear more of their fights with the captains!

I really love how Michael and David made it sound like they really wanted to kill each other, and from what I saw last night, the Kenpachi, Nnoitra fight dubbed, definitely WILL NOT disappoint! I can honestly say that Nnoitra is my favorite Michael Sinterniklaas role. I mean you can definitely tell that he's really into his role. It's probably a lot more enjoyable from an acting standpoint, because when you play a villain like Nnoitra, you can pretty much go all out. For someone who is usually type-cast as hero characters, Nnoitra is probably a breath of fresh air for Michael.

The script was good for the most part, but the dialogue was sometimes shaky for some the filler scenes, but they were pretty much already damned, so there was really no hope in saving that. But overall, the translation was excellent, and the acting was good from start to finish.

Final Rundown

  • Story 6.5/10
  • Art/Animation 8.5/10
  • Sound Effects 10/10
  • Script adaptation 8/10
  • Music 9/10
  • Acting 8.5/10

My final Score for Bleach episode 196 dubbed is a 8.4 out of 10. Remember to join me on Tuesday when I review Bleach episode 314, and join me next week when I review Bleach 197 dubbed.

Until Next Time! --Lemursrule (talk) 23:29, March 20, 2011 (UTC)

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