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  • Lelouch Di Britannia

    Great chapter. I didn't see any flaws with this. I can see where it is heading. I reckon Isshin will stabilise the hollow reishi by transferring his soul reaper powers into her.

    Athough if Urahara knew Ryuken and Masaki, then I wonder why he played dumb with Rukia early in Bleach and said he thought they were killed off XD

    It is interesting that Urahara is helping quincies, in fact two soul reapers are helping the quincies. That should perhaps change the way the Ishida house views soul reapers if they think negatively about them. Athough I don't think the Ishida house appear to bear a grudge against the soul reapers since Ryuken's mother (who looks like Uryu) was only questioning Masaki for her injury. Katagiri was worried bout the hollow no…

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