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    YoruSoi is a thing...

    February 29, 2016 by LadySonya02

    For those of you that don't know about this or hate accepting the truth. Too bad, here it is. From the moment Sui Feng or Soi Fon (I'll be using the latter) set her eyes on Yoruichi the day she was next in line to run her clan, Soi saw a girl that wasn't beautiful, but woman herself. Ever since that day, she was more than fortunate enough to be a part of Yoruichi's Squad Two. Just being in Yoruichi's presence, was like being in the presence of a Goddess among peasants. That's how Soi felt being around her, but not just that. Readying herself for any of Yoruichi's bidding at the drop of a hat, wanting to be useful to her Captain. It wasn't mere "fan girling", she respected her more than Yoruichi even knew. She was woman, where as Soi was st…

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