This is good. But I have a feeling mangastream is gonna be forced to stop again because of this. But I now feel WSJA is worth the price.



Here is what Hisashi Sasaki (The Deputy director of Shonen Manga Group. SHUEISHA Inc. Former editor in chief of Weekly SHONENJUMP) had to say on twitter

"We cannot say exactly when we go simultaneous yet. Sometime early 2013, we hope. I know we are slow, but we never stop going forward."


Hisashi Sasaki: "I cannot say when yet, but we try to bring SHONENJUMP not only to South America, but to all over the world."

This doesn't exactly give you overseas readers much to go on, but hey at least they're trying to get it out there!


As announced in the WSJA issue 11-26-2012, WSJA will go simultaneous on 1/21/13! Pics or it didn't happen you might say? Here you go

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