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  • Kisukeiscool100396

    For those fans of Bleach in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand, WSJ is now available to you legally! For those who don't know how Viz's WSJ works, I'll explain. WSJ is released digitally every Monday simultaneously with Japan's WSJ. There used to be a 2 week gap between chapters, but that was thankfully wiped out. You can either buy a whole year's worth of issues for $25 or just pay 99 cents an issue. Sounds fine, BUT THERE IS SOME NEGATIVES FOR THOSE OUTSIDE OF THE US! You can only get WSJ through Apple's newsstand app. That means you can only subscribe and read on an Apple device like an iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad. In the US you can just read in your PC's internet browser in addition to iDevices. With that, Viz …

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  • Kisukeiscool100396

    It's small news, but I thought I'd bring this news to the community's attention. Toonami has announced on it's tumblr page that Bleach will air in HD. That's right, real HD! Not this forced stretched 16:9, The real deal! If you got an HDTV and your TV service provider offers HD channels, REJOICE! For those who don't have HD TVs, your TV will still have that ugly stretched quality. Don't worry, They're looking into that!

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  • Kisukeiscool100396

    Is Viz's digital WSJ not in your country? Do you want WSJ available in your country so you can read Bleach in high quality and legally? Let Viz know in this survey! Please Support the manga industry!

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  • Kisukeiscool100396

    I noticed that the editor for WSJA was on twitter and mentioned that a certain romanization in One Piece came from Oda himself. So, out of curiosity I asked if character name romanizations in Bleach came from Kubo. This is what I was told.

    "Yes, but sometimes we dont get them till late. In latest issue is Hashvalt but its not official yet. We will fix when we hear."

    Here is the link. I also asked if Yhwach was the correct name for the Quincy leader. It seems to be correct. Although I think she's confused about Yhwach being a title and not his name or something. I guess this means Yhwach should be used instead of Juhabach. It seems the only unofficial name right now is "Hashvalt"


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  • Kisukeiscool100396

    This is good. But I have a feeling mangastream is gonna be forced to stop again because of this. But I now feel WSJA is worth the price.



    Here is what Hisashi Sasaki (The Deputy director of Shonen Manga Group. SHUEISHA Inc. Former editor in chief of Weekly SHONENJUMP) had to say on twitter

    "We cannot say exactly when we go simultaneous yet. Sometime early 2013, we hope. I know we are slow, but we never stop going forward."


    Hisashi Sasaki: "I cannot say when yet, but we try to bring SHONENJUMP not only to South America, but to all over the world."

    This doesn't exactly give you overseas readers much to go on,…

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