The office was quiet, Renji wasn't around. He sat his head on his desk, he hadn't seen any paperwork all day. His eyes began to wonder around the room. He slowly realized that the room was a mess. He stood up. He cleaned up little by little. It wasn't much, maybe for him, but he lived in a clean environment his whole life, so it was a little much. He finished shortly after starting, when someone from outside hollered "Byakuya!" He turned to the door, didn't see anything. He thought to himself. The door swung open to find Ichigo, Renji, Jushiro, Yoruichi (as a cat), and Uryu all standing out side of it. Exept Yuroichi, who was sitting. "Captain, we're going to the world of the living, Yuroichi and Ichigo talked to head captain Yamamoto and he said to bring you too." Jushiro said. He just stood still for a minute, suddenly Ichigo pelted some clothes at him. "Put'em on... please." Ichigo said. He left the room for a moment, going into the back. He unfolded the clothes. A suit and a tie. He put the clothes on, and walked out of the room. "Wow, look at you." Yoruichi said (she's human now, and wearing clothes) turning around. She was dressed in her usual clothes. He looked around. "Um, Renji." He spoke. "Yes, Captian?" Renji replied. "You look like a-" He began. "A sexy beast? I know right?" Renji cut him off. "I was going to say hippy." Byakuya finished, his face still expressionless. They eventually left. They all piled in a van with Urahara. While they were going Byakuya watched the world flash by him. He thought. "Captain?" Renji asked. "Yes?" Byakuya answered. "Do you find that interesting?" He asked. "I guess, just like when I flash step, well almost." He said, answering the final question. They finally arrived at a spa. "You made me put on the suit for this." He said, looking at Ichigo. "Hey at least your not naked, yet." Ichigo said. "Huh?" Byakuya said, his expression changing for once. "Yup, you have to take all of your clothes off to get into the spa." Uryu spoke from next to Ichigo. "Surprise!" A voice hollered, making Ichigo and Uryu jump. Behind Byakuya stood Gin Ichimaru. "Lovely to see you here, Kuchiki." Hello,pedaphile!" Byakuya said. "Huh? What's that?" Gin asked. "A pedaphile? *sigh* A pedaphile is a person who either rapes, or has sexual contact with a child generally under the age of 13 years, or even dreams or thinks of it." Byakuya said. "Oh, okay." Gin said. Byakuya's expression changed to shock. "What? Are you really?!" He hollered. "Possibly." Gin answered. After a little while everyone was in the spa except Yoruichi, who was nowhere to be seen. "Hi, Byakuya." Gin said, staring at Byakuya. He just turned around. "Oh my gosh." Renji said, sitting next to Byakuya. He turned to see Renji blushing and Yuroichi sitting on the land next to him and Jushiro naked. "Um.. hehe." Jushiro's voice said. Uryu was staring at Gin with the upmost fear in his facial expression. Ichigo looked at Urahara who was holding a camera, then Byakuya turned to look down at Gin, as soon as he did Urahara took the picture. "Okay, you look like a girl Byakuya." He spoke. "Jerk." Byakuya murmered. He hollered. Everyone looked at him, except Gin who had a smile bigger than usual (scary). Byakuya just stared foward. "It is big isn't it?" Gin asked, then Byakuya slapped him. "Stay away from there you sick twisted pedaphile!" He yelled. p.s i didnt originally write this please dont kill me

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