• Kirenuchiha

    bleach (ofcourse)

    October 1, 2011 by Kirenuchiha

    The office was quiet, Renji wasn't around. He sat his head on his desk, he hadn't seen any paperwork all day. His eyes began to wonder around the room. He slowly realized that the room was a mess. He stood up. He cleaned up little by little. It wasn't much, maybe for him, but he lived in a clean environment his whole life, so it was a little much. He finished shortly after starting, when someone from outside hollered "Byakuya!" He turned to the door, didn't see anything. He thought to himself. The door swung open to find Ichigo, Renji, Jushiro, Yoruichi (as a cat), and Uryu all standing out side of it. Exept Yuroichi, who was sitting. "Captain, we're going to the world of the living, Yuroichi and Ichigo talked to head captain Yamamoto and …

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