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September 27, 2009
  • Kingdeadpool

    Byakuya and Kouga

    December 23, 2009 by Kingdeadpool

    I am very unsure if anyone posted anything about this subject as of the last two weeks with the revealing of Kouga being the son in law the Genrei. With that in mind does anyone else believe that Byakuya's pride is actually the issue of Kouga being the father of Byakuya and that he wants to take responsibility for his father's sins and to kill Kouga to protect his family's name?

    I know everyone has figured out that Byakuya is the son of Kouga last week and if not then they have after watching this episode. I just want to see if anyone else agrees.

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  • Kingdeadpool

    There is no reason why he cannot be. Muramasa seems ownerless and Kenpachi does not know or even care about the name of his sword. What makes him perfect for Kenpachi is the fact that his special ability is to appeal to the instincts of the other. Which in a fight could bring someone down to the rage in Kenpachi and turn any fight into a berserking brawl of psychos. The biggest thing that has me thinking this, is that Muramasa seems as though he is actually looking to be accepted and not so much just out to destroy the Sereti. I mean techically he doesnt control the other zanpakutos otherwise they would have to kill Muramasa to break the hold. Not only that but when he became weakened after fighting Ichigo he should have most likely lost a…

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  • Kingdeadpool

    I dont know if its been stated anywhere but is there any chance that Ulqiorra could actually be the strongest espada regardless his number. Just think about it. Ulquiorra is the only espada that has a second release form and i am guessing that since Aizen ranks them and is supposedly unaware of Ulquiorra's second form, then he could actually be the strongest even stronger than Yami. The next thing is that his reitsu is described to be so dense that it felt like an ocean was covering the sky or something like that and it didnt even feel like actual spiritual pressure. I have not seen Yami fight against anyone who was capable of beating him yet, but only time will tell. All i know is that to me as of right now the strongest espada is the one…

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