• Kessoku

    My Take on Toshiro

    September 30, 2015 by Kessoku

    I normally don't do blog posts but since I'm out of college for right now I thought I'll take a shot at it. I really wanted to do two on the arc as a whole and Bazz-B around the time of his turn but really didn't have the time for it as I was in school at the time. So this will probably be my only one. It's quite long so thanks for reading if you make it to the end. This will cover my take on Toshiro and the fandom disdain for him reappearing after his return last week.

    Hitsugaya always gets unfairly ragged on in my opinion. Discard the fact they are all old souls...Hitsugaya is still a kid in comparison to everyone. All of his opponents are older and by default has way more battle experience and more training than he does at the end of the…

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