Well now that we have Unohana's back story which is super cool. She is legit now my fav character. Also it is clear that Kenpachi has a certain respect for her, afterall he did name yachiru after her. Still I also sensed a little animosity between the two for putting those scars on each other. Now that just makes me think back to all the Captain meetings they had to stand through together in the same room. I mean im not sure if every captain knows about Unohana and her past but if I was one of the ones who did I would be scared at any minute one of them would lose control. It also makes me think that the only reason someting like that has never happened was because of the presence of the Head Captain may he rest in peace. Also what do you guys think about what will happen after this fight. Im assuming they will both survive with Unohana dominating the fight but then Kenpachi learning the name of his sword and doing better. What I really want to know is will she go back to being the gentle but fierce 4th division captain everybody knows or is Yachiru Unohana hear to stay.