E42 Sentaro Carries Rukia, Kiyone Argues

Where do you watch Bleach? Crunchyroll? Hulu? Youtube? If you're looking towards Youtube to get your Bleach fix, you may be out of luck, because Crunchyroll and TV Tokyo is planning to sue the 13 regular uploaders on Youtube!

The CEO of Crunchyroll issued this following statement:

Crunchyroll fully supports the legal streaming of anime, and even encourages users to watch our licensed videos on our official anime channel on YouTube. Categorically, we don't endorse legal action against anime fans and viewers.

Recently, we have identified a few specific accounts on YouTube which were responsible for over 200 million unauthorized streams of our licensed content. These accounts were owned by repeat uploaders who continued to illegally distribute licensed shows despite receiving multiple DMCA takedown notices. In compliance with YouTube's TOS, filing a formal legal complaint was a necessary step in order to keep these illegal streams off of YouTube.

With permission and cooperation of our Japanese partners, we will continue to work on their behalf to protect their content from illegal distribution.

Crunchyroll is the only legal website where anime fans can watch shows such as Naruto Shippūden and BLEACH immediately after TV broadcast in Japan. Revenue we receive is shared with anime producers in Japan and goes toward making more great anime titles in the future. We want to thank anime fans worldwide for their continued support in helping us promote legal distribution of Anime.

Although Youtube has complied with the takedown of the illegal materials, Crunchyroll and TV Tokyo plan to follow through with the lawsuit because the individuals were aware of the copyright infringement.

Do you agree, Bleach fans?


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