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    Where Do You Watch Bleach

    September 21, 2011 by Kate.moon

    Where do you watch Bleach? Crunchyroll? Hulu? Youtube? If you're looking towards Youtube to get your Bleach fix, you may be out of luck, because Crunchyroll and TV Tokyo is planning to sue the 13 regular uploaders on Youtube!

    The CEO of Crunchyroll issued this following statement:

    Crunchyroll fully supports the legal streaming of anime, and even encourages users to watch our licensed videos on our official anime channel on YouTube. Categorically, we don't endorse legal action against anime fans and viewers.

    Recently, we have identified a few specific accounts on YouTube which were responsible for over 200 million unauthorized streams of our licensed content. These accounts were owned by repeat uploaders who continued to illegally distribute l…

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  • Kate.moon

    Good news! Warner Home Video recently announced that Bleach: Fade to Black will be readily available on DVD and Blu-ray, starting on November 15! Special features such as production sketches will also be available, according to Crunchyroll.

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  • Kate.moon

    Crunchyroll Videos!

    March 5, 2011 by Kate.moon

    Hey Bleach Fans,

    We have exciting news! and Wikia Anime have partnered to bring you full episodes of Bleach right to your wiki. In return, Crunchyroll is going to promote Bleach Wiki in their monthly newsletter, which goes out to millions of anime fans. Bleach is a great wiki and this is a huge opportunity to showcase all of your hard work and share the wiki with Bleach fans around the world. We're really excited about this so I hope you guys are too! Let us know what you think.

    Happy Watching! )</sup> 00:46, March 5, 2011 (UTC)

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