So i was wondering that with so many fighters still left like some captains and lieutenants,the fullbringers,the arrancars maybe, aizen and ichigo's group and as many of them have also recieved a power boost recently without the platform to display it there are bound to be more fights.And by fights i dont mean everyone ganging up on yhwach but more individual fights.But there are seemingly no more opponents left other than yhwach and his 4 ritters (or was it 5) and uryu and haschwalth. My theory is that maybe yhwach will really kill the soul king(not confirmed that SK is dead yet) and replace him. NOW THAT HE is the new king maybe the royal guard will have to serve him? Maybe the royal Guards duty is mlore like serving the crown than the original soul king? So then all the above mentioned fighter will have to fight the RG, Ritters, Uryu and haschwalth and yhwach. It could be a nice twist and everyone would get a decent fight with each RG member and sternritter being paired up against a couple of average captain level fighters or one beast captain level fighter. So what do u think?

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