Hi,everyone! I'm new to blogging, so excuse me if i made any mistakes. Anyways, there's something that seems to confuse me about the story. Remember when Hitsugaya first talked about the Strength of a vasto lordes, he clearly stated that they were much more powerful than a Captain and that it would take a couple of captains to kill it. Now we all know that even a base level hollow, when it becomes an arrancar, It is much more powerful than a Vasto lordes.Case and point: Tier Hallibel vs hammer head arrancar. Thus every arrancar must be much much more powerful than a captain. Also since Arrancars and Visoreds are similar, visoreds should also greatly overpower the normal captains. It goes somewhat like this, Captains < vasto lordes< Visoreds / arrancars .

So, then how is it possible for individual captains to beat arrancars one on one? eg: Hitsugaya was barely able to beat grimmjow's fraccion shawlong and he was able to keep up with esparda no 3 hallibel and beat her. How is that possible?

Also in the current arc the vizards are being curbstomped by everyone and that just doesn't seem right.The hierarchy of power is clearly being violated. So does everyone agree to this or is there an explanation or something that i missed?

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