• Kamiryu

    what just happened.

    August 5, 2010 by Kamiryu

    turns out one of my guesses for most likely event last week turned out to be right with a little more added. not only is Aizen immune to poison but he is also unaffected by the Hogyoku getting removed from that big hole in his chest. not only is he not weakened by the poison. he actually looks stronger. the Final Getsuga Tensho better be the strongest technique ever performed by a shinigami. otherwise Ichigo is dead even if it is Ichigo is in alot of trouble. how do you kill Aizen he is invincible and has Complete Hypnosis ( definite overkill). but at least we know that Gin did actually find Kyoka Suigetsu's weakness so we have confirmed it can be stopped without a blindfold... Ichigo's friends really need to start running as fast as possi…

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  • Kamiryu

    the fact that Gin betrayed Aizen is not surprising. the way he did it was somewhat unexpected. Countering Aizen's unbeatable godmode Zanpakuto with no effort and then stabbing him with his Bakai which is not as long or fast as he said it was but apparently has a poison no one noticed. good job Gin. teach Aizen what it is like to hear " oh, btw i lied about my Zanpakuto's power. it is a million times more powerful". i personally would have rather had something involving Tatsuki being able to fight Aizen but that's just me. now Ichigo needs to hurry up and finish is training ( Tite Kubo better not skip over that)

    things that could happen next ( in order of how cool they would be )

    1. Aizen dies before Ichigo gets there. ( Ichigo:" wth ")

    2. Aiz…

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  • Kamiryu


    July 18, 2010 by Kamiryu

    i just signed up. i don't really have anything to say but i figured i would make this post anyway just to say hi to everybody. ( it's actually a little pointless for me to make this account since i am going to lose internet access soon but i sighed up anyway so ...) things in bleach seem to be going in an interesting direction.

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