Hi! Today I would like to elaborate and discuss the User Page Policy on this wiki, and understand the features of the User Page.

The User Page

The Profile Tab

As you know, there are a couple tabs on your main profile. Let's start with this one. This is the main page a user sees when he/she goes to your profile. On it, you can put stuff about yourself. On top of that, you can add an image to it. Be warned, if you add an image, you MUST make sure it follows the Image Policy, including having a Fair-Use-Rationale. You can read more about it on SunXia's blog about the Image Policy. In addition to including images, you can include templates to show who you support on this wiki. For example, having the following:


will give you:

Gotei13symbol This user supports the Gotei 13.

We also have it for Espadas, Fullbrings, and other people and organization. If you type in a {{ and start typing in something, there should be a popup list that lets you choose which template you want. Here is a full list of all the user badges you can use. Just hit the preview to see how it looks. Please note that some of these templates, like the one the Policy & Standards Committee uses, are restricted to certain users. And some templates are used on pages you find on this wiki, and therefore not applicable to a user page.

You are NOT allowed to edit another user's profile page without his or her permission. The only time someone else will edit your user page is if something that violates policy is found on there.

Note: this is NOT a social site, the User Page should NOT be the main thing you're editting. Also, do NOT blacklist, or warn users about others, other users anywhere on your User Page. We will consider this intimidation/bullying, a ban-able offense.

The User Talk Page

The User Talk page is where other users leave a message for you. This could be to congratulate you on something, answer a question, say hi, or warn you if you're violating any policies on this wiki. It's like an article talk page, you create a section header to show what topic it is you want to talk about, write your message, and sign it. I've been noticing several users not signing their post on talk pages, message walls, and the arena, so I want to make this very clear. Sign your posts with 4 ~.

Also, be aware that you are NOT allowed to remove anything from the talk page, unless it's because someone was spamming links or the material is inappropriate. This is outlined in our policies. If you wish to clear your talk page, create archives. To create an archive, create a page with the following name:


with the appropriate information filled in. Then, cut and paste the information on the talk page to the archive page and leave a link to the archive in the main page.

When replying to someone who left a message on your talk page, it is preferred if you leave the reply on the sender's talk page. Also, this goes without saying, but we will NOT tolerate personal attacks, threats, or harassment on other user's talk pages.


This is where you can write a blog about something. It can be a chapter review, or anything. However, you are expected to follow the Spoiler and Speculation policies. To learn more about these, read Xilinoc's blogs on the Speculation Policy and the Spoiler Policy.

Contributions Tab

The contributions tab is where all of your activity on the Bleach wiki is listed, except for chat activity. It lists when you made it, how much data was changed, and lets you see the difference between revisions and history of revisions on the page you made. There is also a search box at the top of the list that lets users search contributions on when they were made and which namespace they were made. Namespaces are the types of stuff you've edited on. Chat Moderators go here and check you edits on the "Main" namespace, where all the articles are, to see if you have met the article edit requirement. (More on the chat policy in an upcoming blog).

Following Tab

The tab lists the pages you are following. If you want to follow a page, in the bar at the bottom of the window, there is a button that says "Follow". Click it to follow. When you follow a page, you will be notified of when people make changes on it.


So today I talked about the User Page. Namely, what is it for, how to customize it, and what each tab does. I also explained the User Page Policy in details. Happy editing!

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