All right, listen up my Shinigami-in-Training! I've got a new deal for you and I expect some of you to take up this offer. What's that deal you say? Why, only the latest way to get involved in the Bleach Wiki! That's right! Here at Disgruntle Editor Inc., we have found a way for you to finally feel like you're contributing to something to the wiki. The solution is none other than the (drum roll)....Bleach Wiki:Revelations Project! So rejoice all you Assassin's Creed fans, because this project has nothing to do with Assassin's Creed Revelations!

A Revelations Project? WOW! Isn't that something folks? If you want to join, please go to the page and add your name to the list. Make sure you read the requirements though, I don't want anyone working on the project to chicken out because of the requirements! Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking: "But Kami, we don't like requirements." Well, quit your whining, 'cause these requirements aren't bad! They are awesomely easy! Just know where to edit, contribute regularly, and follow a super duper easy editing style! However, if you don't, I'll send the Kracken after you.

Now what do we do? Good question, had you asked it. Well now, every wondered when something big for your favorite character was revealed and you don't remember when it was? Well, this project is here to help you! Join it, help us sort out all the revelations, and know more about the events of Bleach! What would be the end result? You'll be helping other users who will be all like "Oh, I don't know which manga Chapter Ichigo got his Bankai in, oh wait, I'll know it when I check the results of the Revelations project on the Bleach Wiki!" That's what we're aiming for people!

In addition to the feel good feel you get when doing this project, there are more benefits! What benefits you might say? You get a wicked awesome userbox! Join the project and put {{RevelationsProjectMember}} and find out! Also, since you're contributing to a project, it means your edits are considered productive! So therefore, if you accumulate enough, you could potentially be accepted into chat! And I only say potentially because I haven't cleared it with the admins yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

Anyways I hope you're all ready on those mice and keyboards to edit, because I want to see this project pick up like a racecar!

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