Barragan Luisenbarn

"It matters not who you are or what manner of power you may possess. Before the power I wield, all beings are equal."
Baraggan Louisenbairn is the Segunda Espada in Aizen's Army and former King of Hueco Mundo.

Appearance Analysis

Sealed Appearance


Barragan, in his sealed form, appears to be a very portly old man. He is the Arrancar equivalent of Yamamoto in terms of appearance. He has the scar over his eye, wrinkly, and has the same skin tone as Yamamoto. The only differences are: lack of Dumbledore beard, beer belly, and he isn't bald. The remnants of his Hollow mask reminds me of a tiara, rather than a crown if you ask me. His outfit is very regal, with the black frills on the collar and lapel and around the bottom of the overcoat, and it is coupled with a gold necklace-y belt.

Pre-Arrancar/Ressurecion Appearance

Baraggan released

Barragan's Ressurecion appearance, among all of the Ressurecions I've seen in the series thus far, is the closest to the pre-Arrancar appearance, which is why I'm bunching this together. This appearance is as close the the grim reaper as you can get. He is in essence a human skeleton. His outfit becomes even more regal, with a royal purple robe, and he gets an even bigger tiara. This is essentially in my opinion a really freaky appearance, probably one of the darkest character designs.

Personality Analysis

Baraggan is arrogant to the max. He treats ally and enemy alike with similar levels of scorn, and gets pretty dang pissed when his authority is challenged. His subordinates are more tools than anything else. This could also be fueled by his power over time, as he is indeed correct that time will eventually kill someone. Becuase of this, it gives Baraggan a bigger sense of all-powerfulness than he already has. I'm not going to go on any more than this, as his personality is relatively one-dimensional.

Role in the Plot


Before he was an Arrancar, Baraggan was the King of Hueco Mundo. And he ruled with an iron fist. From pressuring Harribel in an attempt to join his forces, to even be willing to pit his own subjects in a deathmatch, and just generally being his usual self. He is one of the few Arrancar to get a flashback on how they joined Aizen. This is only a minor scuffle to highlight Baraggan's hatred of Aizen.

White War

Baraggan's role increases during the White War, and plays a somewhat significant part in the war. He takes over the show when Aizen is imprisioned in fire. However, after that, he just sits back and watches his minions get wrecked. He also gives the worst motivational speeches ever, apparently. In essence, he does little in the plot until his fight. And when he fights, he wrecks his opponent. He was simply toying with Sui Feng and Omaeda. He is the second Espada to enter Ressurecion, I think. In essence, unlike Hitsugaya's or Kyōraku's opponents, Baraggan's fight was extremely one-sided in his favor.

It was only when the Visoreds arrived did the tables start to turn. When Hachigen arrived, Barragan found himself struggling. From being left unable to avoid Sui-Feng's Bankai, he was left with no chance at victory. Baraggan, especially in this part of the fight, personified the phrase "Pride cometh before the fall." And to be brought down by his own power is a cruel twist of irony. He does make one last futile attempt to kill Aizen, which failed due to him dying of death. Heck, it would probably fail regardless, Aizen is seriously one of the most OP characters in anime. In any case, Baraggan had one of the most tilty-scale fights in the series.

Power Analysis

Baraggan is overpowered. Like over powered. First off, being the Segunda Etapa, he releases a crapton of Reiatsu. First and foremost, he controls time. Even in his unreleased state, he has the limited ability over that. To have such power over his ressurecion that he is able to use it in a limited capacity while sealed is a feat that very few Espada have been able to do (Starrk is another example). I'm betting that Kubo chose an Espada that can slow time around him specifically so that he had an opponent to contrast the high speed combat of Sui Feng.

His Ressureccion, fittingly called Arrogante, takes his time control powers to the extreme. His Respira technique completely dissolves stuff to nothingness. Again, OP since basically nothing can stop this. Unfortunately, this also proves to be his biggest weakness as if it hits him somehow, he dies.

Overall Verdict

Overall, Baraggan is the typical over-powered arrogant villain of the series, not counting the Stern Ritter. His role is limited, but does highlight a contrast between two fighting styles and how people perceive gods. Personally, I do not really like him as he is a one-track mind.

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