Before I get into edit warring, let me give a brief overview of what shouldn't be in our articles.

1. Speculation - basically put in events that haven't happened yet, or removing information you think will be made untrue next chapter. This also includes not just plot points, but abilities and character appearances as well. (This is a very common cause of edit wars)

2. Fanfics- Fanfics by definition are stories and plotlines created by fans of Bleach. This is an encyclopedic wiki, we are only interested in the main media, which are the mangas, databooks, and anime. Fanfics aren't welcome on this site.

3. Improperly Referenced Information- your information can be right, but if it isn't referenced, we will remove it from our articles. (This is usually the cause of edit wars)

4. Character bashing - Making fun of a character.

The Undo Button

So when you go to an article, you can check its edit history by clicking the arrow to the right of the edit button. There you can undo the most recent edit made by a user. Let's get an example. Let's say I have the following sentence:

Ichigo is a character.

And someone else makes an edit so that the initial statement looks like:

Ichigo is a dumb character.

I can hit the undo button to undo the edit, so the edit will return to:

Ichigo is a character.

That's what the undo button does

What is Edit Warring

Edit warring is multiple things, all of which WILL NOT BE TOLERATED by the wiki:

1. After someone undoes your edit, you put it back in, repeat

2. Undoing someone else's edit, just to put it back in with your own wording

3. Undoing an edit that included properly referenced, accurate information, repeat

Consequences of an Edit War

1. The edit warrer will get a permanent ban

2. The page will be protected to prevent edits until after some amount of time (to be decided by the admin protecting the page) after the edit war has ended

3. The Admins and Committee members will be annoyed

4. Kamikaze839 will be sad that you ignored the blog

The Talk Page

Open a new tab and go to any article on this wiki, and look to the right of the edit button and the arrow attached to it. You will see a button labelled "Talk" this is where you go to resolve issues with what you believe to be an inaccurate article, or if you believe your edit was unjustly undone. Go there, click add topic, and type in what you want to discuss. Put something in the section header box on the right side of the edit page to organize it better. And don't forget to sign your posts with 4 ~.

The talk page will ensure that your concern will be resolved without an edit war. Other users will come in and discuss it with you to determine whether it should be added or not, and if the admins's or committee's actions regarding your edits was right or not. Note: the talk pages should NOT be used for regular commentary on the articles, that's what the forums are for. The talk pages should only be used to discuss improvements to the article. Also, if you see a discussion closed, do NOT leave a message or edit it. Instead, open up a new discussion in a new section.


Let's review what we have learned in this blog.

1. Speculation, fanfics, and improperly referenced material are not allowed on the wiki and can lead to edit wars

2. Edit wars are hurtful to the wiki and the person doing the warring and so should be avoided

3. Talk pages are there to resolve issues on the article without causing an edit war

That's all there is to it, hopefully you now have a better idea of what is or isn't an edit war.

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