Hey guys! So we're trying to revive the Featured User thing for the wiki! This month's featured user is a relatively new user: FutureQuincy! In an interview with our lucky winner, here is what FutureQuincy had to say:

1. How did you find the Bleach Wiki?

"I found the Bleach Wiki when I wasn't really satisfied with Wikipedia's descriptions. There were some things about the manga I wanted clarification on and Wikipedia wasn't giving me the answers, so I thought, 'there has to be a place that talks about Bleach in more depth'. Lo and behold, one Google search later, and here I am."

2. What do you like most about this wiki?

"I especially like the more professional attitude this Wiki has. Other wikis I've seen allow their users to post irrelevant things on the articles, but I admire that this Wiki has a zero tolerance policy with these sorts of things. The fact that this Wiki waits until something is officially confirmed before including it, instead of just speculating and assuming, is something else I admire."

3. What made you start editing the wiki?

"I began to edit here after noticing some minor grammar mistakes here and there. Grammar Nazi that I am, I just felt the urge to fix them, and so I made a profile. Also, I felt the need to belong to a larger Bleach community, since I do not have many friends who also like it. I knew that the Bleach wiki was somewhere where everybody enjoyed Bleach, so I decided to get past my shyness and join."

4. What is your editing style like?

"When it comes to editing, I am, as I said before, a Grammar Nazi. Most of my edits have been in regards to grammar, although if I see any non-grammar related mistakes I will not hesitate to fix them. As of late I have also begun to add information from newer chapters, so I am currently trying to diversify the edits I make."

5. If you had to change or add something to the Wiki, what would it be?

"In regards to changing the Wiki, I do not feel that there is much that should be changed, as I believe it functions great in its current state. I do wish there was a way to stop vandalism before it happens, but that may just be wishful thinking on my part."

6. What advice would you give to other users looking to edit on the wiki?

" If there is something you have a problem with on the wiki, please be civil about it. Do not begin throwing around insults and profanity to get your point across. And do not vent your anger by vandalizing the articles. Many people have worked hard making this Wiki the way it is, and to undo it all because you are angry would be incredibly selfish. We are here for the betterment of this Wiki and because we enjoy Bleach, so please, always strive to keep the Wiki in good form."

And that's what FutureQuincy had to say about the Wiki! Congratulations to him and keep up the good work!

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