Alright! So this is the first month of running the Featured User. And this month's winner is EpaX! Hee is a very talented editor working on fixing up the media stuff we have. Congratulations for winning! In an interview, he said the following:

1. How did you find the Bleach Wiki?
"One day I wanted to find out some information on my favourite character, Gin Ichimaru, so I did some Googling and discovered this glorious website."

2. What do you like most about the wiki?
"I like how everything on this Wiki is so organised and planned out. It fills me with awe."

3. What made you start editing on here?
"I developed an editing passion long ago, from the Combat Arms Wiki. When I came across this Wiki, I thought, well, why not give a helping hand?"

4. How do you go about editting?
I try to contribute whenever I can. Whenever I see a mistake that I can fix, I'll fix it. If it's out of my hands, I'll seek administrative help.

5. If there is anything you can change or add to this wiki, what would it be?
"Nothing. I like the way Bleach Wikia is now."

6. What words of advice would you give to users wanting to edit on this wiki?
I'd make the search toolbar of 'Bleach Wiki Answers' unable to extend outside its allocated box on the Home page..

And that's what EpaX had to say on the Wiki. If you want to be considered for being a Featured User, check Bleach Wiki:Featured User and the sign-up sheet.

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