Alright! So this is the first month of running the Featured User. And this month's winner is Jushiro971! She is a very talented editor with an eye for grammar. Congratulations for winning! In an interview, she said the following:

1. How did you find the Bleach Wiki?
"I was searching for a website that was about Bleach and has a lot of information on the manga."

2. What do you like most about the wiki?
"The Projects"

3. What made you start editing on here?
"I started reading some of the pages and saw that were grammar mistakes in some of the articles."

4. How do you go about editting?
"I search for a certain word that is spelled wrong. For example, Hihio instead of Hihiō."

5. If there is anything you can change or add to this wiki, what would it be?
"Nothing. I like the way Bleach Wikia is now."

6. What words of advice would you give to users wanting to edit on this wiki?
Avoid edit warring with other users. You can get banned for it.

And that's what Jush had to say on the Wiki. If you want to be considered for being a Featured User, check Bleach Wiki:Featured User and the sign-up sheet.

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