Hi there! Kamikaze839 of the Policy and Standards Committee! In this installment, I will talk about, well, the Committee itself (P.S Currently, I am the newest member of the Committee). In this blog, I will explain what the Committee does, how to join, and how a Committee member is removed.

Who are We?

The Policy and Standards Committee are a group of users who have been appointed by the Admins to help maintain the site. Our responsibilities include:

  • Reverting edits that violate policy or are just bad in general
  • Close talk page topics
  • Resolve issues that do not require an admin to intervene
  • Run the Wiki's Projects (Anyone can join, we would love the help!)
  • Moderate Chat
  • Help editors who have questions on how to do things.

To do this, we have received two important powers:

  1. Chat Moderator - We are required to enforce the Chat Policy. If you go into chat, all members with a star by their name is a Chat moderator or an admin. We have the power to kick and ban people, but we will only do so if we believe there is a big violation of policy.
  2. Rollback Rights - Rollback is a more powerful undo. Basically if Person A edits a page, then Person B makes a series of edits on the same page, all of which are bad, we can, at the click of a button, remove all of Person B's edits from the page up until we come back to Person A's edits.

Joining Requirements

We are currently, at the time of writing this, looking for TWO good editors to join. However, going to the Committee page and nominating yourself isn't that simple. We do have several requirements:

  • Have at least 500 edits, a majority of which are on the main space
  • Be actively contributing to projects on this wiki (You can find out more about projects by going to "Edit the Wiki" in the Nav-bar and selecting projects)
  • Must be consistently communicating with other users
  • Edit regularly
  • Show good grammar skills and communication skills
  • Be familiar with our policies
  • If a user violated more than two different policy points, they CANNOT become a member
  • If a user has had 4 edits undone and did not stop doing the edit that got undone, they CANNOT become a member.
  • Be on the wiki for at least 3 months.
  • If a user was blocked for a period of time, he must wait until 3 months after the block is lifted to nominate him/herself

If you meet these requirements (and yes, I understand it's tough to do, but you'll be put in an important position, so it has to be tough), then you can nominate yourself. After nominating yourself, the Committee votes on your nomination. It will be sent to admins even if most Committee members vote in opposition, but if a majority of votes are in opposition, then it won't bode well for the admin vote.

Working with the Committee

So if you made it into the wiki, great job! You have gotten into a position of power in the wiki! Now that the congratulations are over (if you have made it in), let me discuss what you are now required to do, and if you don't, you run the risk of being removed from the Committee:

  • You must contribute 3 times a week
  • Help run and contribute to projects on the wiki
  • Be kind and courteous to other users
  • Edits must be substantial and affect the content of the page, rather than its overall appearance
  • They should check in at least twice a week, be it a talk page message or show up in chat.
  • If you fail to keep up after a 3 week time span, you will be warned that you run the risk of being voted out of the Committee and will be given one week to catch up.

Note: If circumstances in your life prevent you from meeting these requirements, contact a Committee member or an Admin and make arrangements for this.

Removal From Committee

All Committee members can be removed from the Committee under any of the following circumstances:

  • Fail to meet the requirements stated above
  • Resign
  • Abuse Chat Mod and/or Rollback Rights
  • Inactive for a month or more, with the exception of unusual real life circumstances
  • Stop Communication - you can be active editting, but you aren't stopping by Chat or a talk page to converse with the Committee about things.

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