Alright! I'm excited for this post! So what's this post about? Featured Users, the new thing coming to the wiki!

What is it?

It's exactly as it sounds! It's a lot like the Featured Article, Image, and Quote of the Month, but it deals with you, yes you, the User! Each month, one of you will be featured on the main page! Exciting write? You'll feel like you're a celebrity on here!

What's the Catch?

Well, there are some rules for the system, as it is designed to encourage you to follow policy: 1.There will be NO vote on the Featured User. Instead, the featured user will be based on a point system. This is to ensure that users aren't picked on a popularity contest, but rather based on who is the best editor for the month, you can read about the points on the Featured User page. Also note that each different type of edit will make you gain points, but bad points will make you lose points. But I would like to emphasize a three actions:

  • Image with proper FUR helps. This is an important one, as the only images that are allowed to be on this wiki are Images with proper FUR (except in the case of user page pictures) and are in use somewhere on the wiki.
  • Edit Warring will hurt your score the most. Be aware that edit warring WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on the wiki.
  • Being banned from chat is also damaging. We have a chat policy where you either need 10 constructive article edits, or (if you haven't made these edits) if you express helping the wiki out

2.The wiki's Admins and Committee members WILL NOT be participating in this. We already have a lot of edits and know the policies very well, it would be unfair for us to participate 3. If you are featured, you cannot be considered for Featured User until 3 months after the month you've been featured, so that another user may get the chance to shine 4. Some Committee members will track the user's actions on the wiki and keep score of user's points. We will NOT tell you who is being observed or how many points the user has, repeatedly asking us will hurt your score, and if you aren't observed, upon the start of the observation period, we will automatically give a score deduction. So don't ask. 5. Each observation period, all users under observation will start with 0 points.

Why Do It?

  1. You'll get featured on the main page
  2. You'll help make the wiki a better place
  3. You'll get a better understanding of what we look for in editors, and avoid policy violations that way


This blog is an excellent resource list on how to edit and what consists of a good and bad edit, as well as things you could be helping us on to make the wiki better!

Sign Up

If you wish to participate in this, or nominate another user, sign up here.

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