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What's Up With Pernida and Mimihagi?

Welcome to my unanswered questions series, where I'll look at plot threads that are still unresolved and attempt to analyze them with the hopes of predicting their outcome. This blog uses a mix of facts and opinions when appropriate. If you want to give your own take on this scenario or suggest plot threads you want analyzed, tell me in the comments! Here we go, without further ado.

The Pernida fight is finally over. No BS resurreccións, just over. And for the most part I thought it was an enjoyable fight; however it didn't provide much closure on Pernida and what its past is like. Hopefully it will, because there's a lot of Wandenreich backstory that still needs fleshing out.

In the past, I was initially in the field that Pernida was a Quincy Parasite that took over the left hand and forced it to do its bidding, but that's most likely not the case anymore. Let's look at Pernida and compare it to its other half, Mimihagi. Their functions are completely opposite, with Mimihagi governing stagnation and Pernida governing development.

In effect, this could be seen as a contrast between Shinigami and Quincy. Soul Society has lived the same way for a lot of time, content to sit on their spoils, effectively stagnating. Meanwhile, the Quincy have been forced to develop their abilities nonstop in order to survive. So is it really any wonder that Soul Society was trounced by the Quincy in the first invasion? The Quincies' attack forced them to develop in order to understand and defeat their eternal foes.

Thus, you could say that the Shinigami and Quincy are two halves of the same whole, and are meant to coexist. But how? What good do the Quincy do by throwing the system of worlds off-balance? Some random Shinigami who wasn't important enough to remember gave a good quote near the start of the arc, that this was a war and wars only happened when both sides were just. The only explanation we have so far for the Quincies' treatment of Hollows is personal revenge, which feels somewhat contrived given the very clear results of that revenge.

Based on this, I think the Quincy have other motivations than to do such things, but yet I also think that they want to throw the system off-balance. Why? Well, the world has stagnated. And it's not necessarily good all the time, either. People who have difficulty moving on from things in their lives are essentially condemned to become a monster and kill the people they cared about. And for even those who go to Soul Society, they are forced to live in a very feudalistic society where their quality of living is based mostly on chance, and unlike in the human world, it seems very difficult for people to advance in society. There's a reason feudal societies don't exist in the world anymore; we changed while Soul Society could not. And what about the people who get sent to Hell? Are they ever reincarnated, or do they suffer for eternity? I really wished the manga could have expanded on Hell instead of relegating it to a movie. tl;dr it's not all sunshine in rainbows. There's a lot of things wrong with this world, and it may take a full-on reboot to change it.

Now, this isn't to say I would agree with the Quincies for making such drastic changes to the world in the hopes of Utopia. I personally hate change, which is probably gonna make me leave Wikia at the rate they're going, not to mention most people's quests for utopia just end up being genocidal campaigns to boost themselves up. There's a reason it's a common villain trope in literature. And for good reason, as the Quincies are supposed to be villains. Some of their beliefs may be right, but their means to achieve them are not, at least from my perspective.

In conclusion, Pernida and Mimihagi are the yin and yang of the Soul King; both of whom advocate polarizing positions, neither of which are entirely good for society. That is why the Soul King exists; to contain both those ideologies and find a happy medium. Although Soul Society leans heavily on Mimihagi's principle of stagnation, Shunshui's statements leave me hope that he intends for Soul Society to become a better place.

Thanks for reading. If you read the entire thing, you are an amazing person. As I said before, opinions and ideas in the comments are welcome!

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