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For my first ever blog, I will talk about three certain people who have joined in the final battle against the Quincy for the sake of joining because they're important to the story. These people are:

  • Chad
  • Orihime
  • Ganju

These people have been with Ichigo since the beginning (near-beginning for Ganju), and are supposed to be his biggest supporters. However, while the enemies have been getting stronger, they haven't, leaving it up to the Captains and other Shinigami to slowly take over. Let's take a look at their fighting history. I won't include anime-only arcs because I haven't watched the anime yet.

Chad is the biggest fighter of the bunch, and steel beams couldn't melt his fuel. When he developed Right Arm of the Giant, he was a nightmare to Hollows, and planned to be a nightmare to Shinigami as well. However, after wrecking a fodder Shinigami, he was quickly brought to justice by the Great man-child, and would not fight the remainder of the arc. The punishments only increased as his arm was cut off by our favorite Espada, and Sado finally realized that he needed something other than a haircut, which was training. The training, while it somewhat worked at first, ultimately failed to scale Mt. Nnoitra. And while Chad was given a chance to redeem himself in a rematch with Grumpy of the 10 Espadas, he still failed miserably. After the timeskip, despite growing a manly beard, he did not receive a one-on-one fight, and the most major of his battles was...against Ichigo. Yeah. After the timeskip, Sad(o) has been reduced to moral support for the time being.

Orihime is a different case, as it's been made very clear she doesn't like fighting. The best she got was against the unfeeling tabletop. Otherwise she has healed and been captured the rest of the series, although she did manage to block the devil's rage, which I applaud. So she gets a pass.

Ganju is the Shiba which I'd prefer to forget. He got lucky when fighting the second most beautiful man and got rekt by the shattered man. Since then, he's worked really hard to train, only to be overshadowed by two relatives to the point where he was somewhat forgotten.

But that's that, and now's (probably) their final chance to do anything major. But what will they do? Most of the Quincy have fallen, leaving just Yhwach, Jugram, and Uryu. Of course, there is also the foot soldiers, which they could battle against even if they are just nameless fodder.

I'd also like to see them confront Uryu, who I'm still not sure has actually changed sides (I might blog about that later), which I think would be the best use of their time; Talk no Jutsu is cheap but I feel it would be best on Uryu if he actually turned against his friends (which I don't think he did).

So while I'm sure they're not destined to go to great places, they could still impact the series in their own way. Do you think the three will have any impact on the rest of the series? If so, what could they do?

I do hope you read this, otherwise I might include music with future blogs.

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