Well this was a long time coming, and I am here again with another blog about Quincy Jesus aka Gerard. Guy has developed in an infuriating way since I last talked about him four months ago. We know that the powers of The Miracle go beyond him simply regenerating body parts, but the explanation for its true power has been quite vague so far. Due to how little we know so far about some of the things I'll be talking about, there's gonna be a lot of heavy speculation, although I'll try to keep it reasonable.

In Chapter 668 Gerard stated that The Miracle is the power of the masses. His body keeps growing back because of fear of the masses. He keeps his blade Hoffnung in the hope of the masses, so the masses felt despair should it become chipped. The fear of the masses probably came into play when Gerard sprouted wings after falling off Wahrwelt, as it would be pretty fitting and I don't believe it's a Vollstandig. Yet this seems counterintuitive. Only thing is, this ability's description seems counterintuitive as the only one feeling these emotions would be Gerard himself. However, given Gerard's origins, this power seems to have meaning on a much deeper level, both personal and with actual masses.

File:620Gerard's Vollstandig.png

We know that Gerard is the heart of the Soul King, but I don't believe that by heart Askin meant the organ pumping blood. I believe he meant the Soul King's spirit heart: his consciousness, the emotion he feels in his brain. Given that Gerard's personality is typical of people who are stated to have large "hearts," as well as the Soul King's apparent lack of emotion, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. And seriously, what could a blood-pumping organ do? Gerard, as the heart, provided the Soul King's willpower.

I believe Gerard isn't just exaggerating or making some analogy when referring to the masses. Before he was placed in his shell, the Soul King was stated to be a powerful being, at least powerful enough to force the Shinigami to have to place restraints on him at some point. So it would make sense that at some point in the past, the Soul King was a much freer and powerful being with Mimihagi, Pernida, and Gerard at his disposal. My theory is that the Soul King was once more active in affairs, and his willpower, Gerard, allowed him to give miracles to the people he ruled over. It's not really a "miracle" if the masses didn't wish for it first. Otherwise it would be more of a phenomenon if anything. However, now that Gerard is no longer part of the Soul King's body, his power is pretty much contained to himself for the most part, with the possible exception of when Kenpachi got slashed. However, the application of this power on other people is so murky right now that I won't really get into it.

655Byakuya slams

The Miracle isn't a big fan of gangbangs

In the Bible, actual Jesus performed miracles because people begged him to do it, knowing they were in situations that only a miracle could fix. Miracles didn't really happen to stuff that people could do themselves. Even Gerard's namesake the valkyries played their own role in miracles, as they would help common people through various events and also dictate who would survive on the battlefield and who would die. Gerard's power has only been activated where he or his sword undergoes sheer damage that only a miracle could save them from. When he first confronted the Shinigami, Gerard blocked them from bypassing him (miraculously expanding his cape because there was no way to block them otherwise otherwise) and said that they will have to take him on together. After thinking about it, I don't think he did it so he could have a more exciting battle. If he only took on Renji in combat, his current skill in battle would have likely been enough to match the Shinigami without requiring a massive power boost, leading to a likely grueling battle. Instead, in order to more easily crush his opponents, Gerard needed to be overwhelmed by them first so that the possibility of him winning would be a miracle, therefore granting him a power boost. The stronger Gerard's opponent gets, the stronger he becomes, although the application of this is quite unique.

601Gerard attacks

Sometimes it's the little moves that count most.

Now that I've dissertated on his powers and such, it's time to answer the question posed in the title: how do you kill Quincy Jesus? Well, as with the last time, let's look at Nimaiya, the only one with any experience in this matter. How could he have brought Gerard down without triggering some miracle? It was all in his showmanship, or rather his lack of it. Nimaiya didn't unleash some huge trick on Gerard, he simply allowed the Quincy to get close to him and stabbed him in a vital spot. Gerard was killed so quickly that he had no time to process what had happened to him and no sense of feeling overwhelmed and in need of a miracle. Contrast that with his battle against the Gotei 13, where he was first beaten around and brutalized by the Gotei 13 (Byakuya was right to go hardcore!!!) before getting rekt by Kenpachi's Shikai and Bankai (I wonder if he put his full effort into dealing with him at first?) I daresay Kenpachi bisecting Gerard might have worked had he not demonstrated his power earlier.

Moral of the story: Gerard cannot be killed by a power greater than his. So, then, how can the Shinigami kill him? Given his size, I daresay it is much too late to give him an instakill blow. Here's my only real sensical theory that I have: The Shinigami must muster ALL of their forces to engage Gerard in clean combat. They cannot threaten him with oblivion until it is too late. The thought process behind this would be that by challenging Gerard in even combat for so long, they would start tiring him out, but not to the level where he becomes overwhelmed. If this works, they can make it seem as though Gerard doesn't need a miracle until it's much too late.

647Gerard confronts

Get ready for the long haul, kids.

I know, a lengthy battle of brute force may not sound appealing to many of you. However, I would actually like to see it. For one, it would be a good change in tone from the other Schutzstaffel fights, which were all ended by the sudden explosion of one move. Not only that, but it would allow Kubo to give development to tons of characters, both main and (hopefully) side ones. Gerard's the last Quincy standing before the final boss, and we really are near the end of the story. But some character's personal stories would be better off not ending on their current note, and this is their last chance to get it right and make it their night. Team, work together!

Well, I hope that was coherent enough. It'll be interesting seeing what Hitsugaya's new powerup will bring to the battle. If you'd like to worship me as a theory god or give me a stern talking-to about this blog, comment below. What are your theories about Gerard's power and how the fight against him will go?

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