Can't believe it's been 14 chapters since I last wrote a (serious) prediction, but the inspiration train has rolled into the station.



Kenpachi: An arm for an arm, Quincy.

Kenpachi holds his Zanpakuto with both arms restored to normal.


Byakuya: Can't you just heal it with one of your "miracles?"

Gerard: Miracles don't happen when people expect! Otherwise they would no longer be called miracles!

Kenpachi: The only "miracle" here is that I haven't cut off your head and shut your mouth yet.

Kenpachi grips his Zanpakuto, preparing to take another swing. Suddenly, his blade is pulled toward Gerard.

Kenpachi: What the-

Bits and pieces of metal and stone debris fly toward Gerard as Byakuya's Zanpakuto also tilts away from him.

Byakuya: Our Zanpakuto are being pulled into him! Don't lose your grip!

Byakuya plunges Senbonzakura in the ground as Hitsugaya wraps his ice form around him.

Hitsugaya: No...stay strong, Daiguren Hyorinmaru!

A massive arm forms on Gerard out of the rubble. He flexes it, testing its mobility.

Byakuya: What is this power?

Gerard: Miracles are unpredictable as hell...even I don't know what they'll do to me!

Gerard swings his rubble arm at Byakuya and Hitsugaya. They swing their Zanpakuto, with Byakuya sending a sheet of blades and Hitsugaya sending a sheet of ice. However, Gerard makes quick work of their defense as his arm rockets down to crush them.

Hitsugaya: Oh, no...

Kenpachi: Outta the way, weaklings!

Byakuya: Where's your Zanpakuto??

Kenpachi: <points to Gerard> He took it. But I'm gonna get it back, even if I have to rip him up with by bare hands!

Hitsugaya and even Byakuya make shocked faces as Gerard's attack nears.

Meanwhile, Nel careens toward the Gift Ball Deluxe.

Nel: I've gotta hit that entrance!

Nel has a flashback to when she spoke with Urahara.

Urahara: In case he traps me, I'll make an entrance with my Bankai. Once you enter through it, it'll be open for 30 seconds before regressing. Any longer, and none of us will be able to leave!

Nel penetrates the Gift Bereich, creating an opening large enough for a human to fit through.

Nel: Gah, it's unbearable in here...I need to make quick work.

Grimmjow: that you?

Nel sees Grimmjow lying on the ground, his eyelids half closed.

Nel: Grimmjow! Who's in here?

Grimmjow: The Quincy is dead...Urahara's right there, and there are two other souls behind that wall. They're close to death, so get them first!

Nel: I see them!

Nel hoists Yoruichi and Yushiro up and races toward the entrance. She throws them through the hole, and they successfully fly outside.

Nel: You...and

Nel's breathing gets more labored as the Gift Ball Deluxe takes effect on her. She shakes as she grabs Grimmjow and Urahara.

Nel: Gotta time to lose...!

As Nel races to the exit, she suddenly transforms back into her child form.

Nel: No!! The ball...changed me back! I can't...turn back...only a few seconds left! I...I failed...

Suddenly, Grimmjow lifts Nel into the air, along with Urahara.

Nel: Grimmjow...! There's no way you can get us and yourself out in time! Take Urahara...leave me...

Grimmjow: Shut up! The Shinigami need a healer!

With a great heave, Grimmjow throws Nel and Urahara through the exit, and it closes immediately afterward.

Grimmjow: Dammit...what have I become, sacrificing myself to some least now...that Quincy...can't win...!

Grimmjow falls to one knee as the Gift Ball Deluxe continues compressing.

Grimmjow: I didn't get revenge on you, Kurosaki...but you can get revenge for me! Kill the Quincies who tore Hueco Mundo apart! Make death was not in vain!

Grimmjow pulls himself back up, shaking heavily. He lets out a guttural roar, shouting at the top of his lungs. As she brings herself up, Nel hears the howling and watches as the Gift Ball Deluxe implodes. As the dust clears, no sound is left.

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