Nanao: Huh...huh...I can't believe this is over!

Lille: thought this was OVER?

Shunsui: Dammit Nanao, you jinxed us!

The scattered light that had fallen to the ground comes together and reforms.

Shunsui: W-what on Earth are you?

Lille: How dare you not recognize me! I am the great messenger Lille Barro!

Lille's new form is revealed: he has the blessed godly body of a narwhal.

Lille: Now you die!

A ball more massive than anything ever created is formed at the end of his horn, and its heavenly light engulfs everywhere on Wahrwelt.

Gerard: You gotta be kidding me! Even Gremmy wasn't this bad!

Askin: Oh dear, that ball looks like it could destroy the entire city and kill everyone...

Ichigo: But it can't! I'm the main character!

Yhwach: Wha-?! My sleep has been interrupted! Jugram-

He looks and sees Jugram kneeling on the ground.

Jugram: I'm sorry told me to never look into the sun with the Almighty...but now I'm blind in all 15 eyes!

Lille: GO TO HELL!

Shunsui: That ball is big enough to destroy hell!

Lille unleashes his ultimate attack. Wahrwelt, Hell, Soul Society, and the Human World are all vaporized in a matter of seconds. Lille just stands there...all alone...until Shunsui and Nanao appear.

Shunsui: Man, if you destroyed everything, what is this place?

Lille: I really don't know...since I'm god now I get to name Finger Lickin' Exorcism Dimension! Wait-HOW ARE YOU ALIVE???!!!

Shunsui: Well, it was all thanks brother, and his wife.

Right then, Shunsui's brother and Nanao's mother come out.

Nanao: Mother, Father, you're alive!

Nanao's mom: Oh, it was easy. I just had Sosuke Aizen and his good friend Tite Kubo pull a few strings. During my fake execution, I searched far and wide for a way to break the Ise Curse...and by really wanting to do it, I did it!

Shunsui's brother: We'll tell you the whole story over the next five chapters. But first, let's kick that narwhal guy's butt!

The four of them stand to face Lille. However, he is suddenly pounded into the ground, his head is crushed, and becomes killed to death.

Shunsui: What now?

Kaido: Ragggghhh! I am here to start a great war!

Shunsui: Uhh...I don't think I've ever seen you before.

Kaido: I'm Kaido, from the One Piece blew up every universe, but since I can't die, I'm here now. And I'm mad! Along with...

Madara: Me!

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