Nanao stands on Lille, readying her blade.

Lille: Not even a sharp blade can harm me! What is that blunt stick supposed to do??

Nanao: I will not mess this up!

Flashback to the conversation inside Kageoni.

Nanao: So that's what this can do...but how am I supposed to use it?

Shunsui: If you are the true owner of this sword, Shinken Hakkyōken will guide you through the process.

Lille: Smiting you...will give me no satisfaction!

Lille stretches his face again and spreads out his wings. A large ball of light forms in front of him.

Lille: Sun of Judgement!

Lille fires the massive ball. However, Nanao is reciting an incantation.

Lille: Perish, sinners!

A large explosion occurs. However, it does not last long, and shrinks quickly.

Lille: What?

The area Lille has hit is largely unaffected. There stands Nanao, holding out her sword.

Lille: That is impossible! Nothing can withstand my divine judgement!

Nanao: This ritual is meant to extract the power of rogue spirits. You know what that says about you?

Lille has spread his wings, ready to attack again. However, nothing is coming out the holes in his wings.

Lille: You wretch! What on Earth have you done with my power?

Nanao: Release.

Nanao lifts up her sword, and X-Axis beams shoot out in eight directions. One of the beams pierces Lille straight through the chest.

Nanao: Looks like you aren't immune to your divine power.

Meanwhile, Shunsui sits inside Kageoni.

Shunsui: Nanao...I can't see what's going on outside, but...I'm sure you're doing well. Now, I must prepare...

Shunsui struggles to move, but manages to pull himself up and stand.

Meanwhile, Nanao races toward Lille.

Nanao: Now that I have sealed away your power...I must seal away you, the vengeful spirit!

Lille: Seal me away? That sword has made you insane? You may have stolen my Schrift...but my power is leagues away from yours!

Lille rushes toward Nanao, pointing his wings toward her as though to impale her. Nanao lifts her sword until it is parallel with her body, and begins the incantation.

Nanao: The ancient God resides in the connection between heaven and earth. Our parents and grandparents and ancestors are descendants of the God. The God spirit has divided and divided and has been handed down to us by our parents.

You have passed on from the present generation And have returned to the eternal home, the birthplace of mitama, The land of the God.

The land of the august God is no different than life on heaven and earth. Yet it is a land where you neither hear with ears, Nor do you see with eyes. This land is along the water’s edge, a pure, clear shore with lapping waves.

Gather and come to this eternal realm Of white clouds in the land of heaven Where brilliant rays push through thousands of white clouds From the Great Shrine of the Sun, the shrine of Amaterasu no Ō Kami!

As she finishes the ritual, Lille has gotten closer, ready to impale her. Suddenly, bonds of Reishi encircle him.


Nanao: It's too late. You will never see this realm again.

Lille: You maggots! My lord Yhwach will smite you all! You cannot hope to stand up to him...!

A great ball of light encircles Lille, then bursts. There is nothing left.

Meanwhile, Lille breathes heavily, struggling to get his act together inside the Shadow Realm.

Lille: You!

Shunsui walks toward Lille, his swords drawn.

Shunsui: I guess I did make a good keeper of Shinken Hakkyōken...we were forever bound by the shadows. You may have been god of the world of light, but here you are powerless. You merely stick out like a sore thumb, a pure shining light in this dark and sinful world.


And in a big flash of blood, Shunsui cuts Lille down.

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