Lille: W-what is this?

Shunsui: one should ever have to see.

The dark figure behind Shunsui keeps growing, and the darkness around him expands. Lille shouts and fires some shots at Shunsui. The shadow doppelganger absorbs them.

Lille: Impossible! My shots can pierce anything!

Shunsui: Clearly they didn't want to continue piercing.

Lille: I-

Lille sees with a shock that one of the shadow vines is headed straight for him. He flies backwards, attempting to escape its reach.

Shunsui: Surely you know you can't outrun a shadow?

The vine grabs Lille and drags him backward. He shouts and tries fighting, but to no avail. It seems as though he's getting weaker. Shadow Shunsui then rises up and glides toward Lille.

Lille: W-what's he doing?

Shunsui: You may be my enemy, but I'm sorry you have to go through this.

Shadow Shunsui touches Lille on the head, and everything goes dark.

Suddenly, Lille awakes. However, he's in some other location. He then realizes...

Lille: This-this is where I grew up!

Lille then sees himself as a child, a runt among the bigger kids out there. They play "Escondite Ingles" but as Lille runs alongside the other kids, he is pushed over.

Kid: Get out, runt!

More sad moments of Lille's life come into focus. He remembers first demonstrating spiritual powers, leading to him being ostracized by those around him. One day, he stands in an alley surrounded by corpses, all of them pierced through the heart. He looks to see a man on horseback, whose presence suffocates the area.

Lille: I-I'm sorry! They were beating me up, and something came from my hands-

Yhwach: You showed the great spiritual power that I gave to you. Since you carry my blood, you are a Quincy...and are useful to me...

Lille then recalls how he joined the Sternritter and received his Schrift. However, he does not dwell on those things, but rather what happened later: Nimaiya slaying him, Shunsui finding him, and forcing him to open his second eye. The man at the right hand of God should not fail like this; he was...unworthy.

Lille: With all these failings...I am live!

Lille snaps out of his trance, but still has the same state of mind. His wings curl in, so that they point towards him.

Lille: No! Wait! This trance was trickery! My more...than just those failings!

Shunsui: Well done. I've never seen another mind strong enough to break the effects of Kuromatsu Shinju. looks like your body still hasn't overcome it.

Lille: NO...NO...NO!!!!!

Shunsui: I guess you could say this is rather everyone knows that life is no game.

Try as hard as he might, Lille is unable to stop the spread of suicidal thoughts in his body. His wings fire shots straight into him, piercing every vital area. Lille freezes in mid-shout and collapses.

Shunsui: Were I not so strong, I would have committed suicide as well...I commend your strength.

Suddenly, Shunsui notices the sound of someone coming for him.

Shunsui: No...Nanao!

Nanao: Captain!

Shunsui: GET AWAY!

However, it is too late. Nanao looks on Shunsui's Bankai in shock, and the shadows on the ground notice her and spread towards her.

Shunsui: Anyone who sees my Bankai is caught by's up to me to restrain it!

Shunsui: Rrrrr...Seal!

With all his strength, Shunsui brings in the shadows. It takes an incredible effort, and Shunsui is on the verge of falling into madness. The shadow attempts to get closer to Nanao, nearing a hair's breadth of her...but Shunsui holds it back with all his might. Finally, Shunsui manages to absorb his Bankai back into his body, as he holds one of his swords near his heart. If he had lost concentration even a little, he would have committed suicide.

And with that, Shunsui collapses on the ground. Nanao runs toward him and checks on him.

Shunsui: Nanao...I'm not can't...shave my chest hair...

Nanao, teary: Don't ever scare me like that again!

Shunsui: If we can win this war...then I won't. I promise.

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