Title: SNIPE 2

A shocked Shunsui is shot clean through the chest by Lille.

Lille: When God looks upon a mere mortal, it is only fitting that they are smitten.

Suddenly, Shunsui dissipates, shocking Lille.

Lille: A shadow clone!

Shunsui: Daruma-san ga Koronda!

The real Shunsui has appeared behind Lille and is racing toward him, ready for the kill.

Lille: Do you really think...I cannot see you?

Shunsui gasps in shock as Lille spreads out his wings and prepares a shot from each of the holes.

Shunsui: Crap! I can't escape!

Lille: Goodbye.

Lille's shots illuminate the landscape behind him as Shunsui is surrounded in the blast. Shinji's group turns toward it in shock.

Shinji: What the hell's going on over there?

Momo: Do you think the Captain-Commander's gonna...die?

Shinji: I wouldn't worry...he's always had a penchant for getting out of trouble...

We now see Shunsui flying forward in shock. He has managed to escape the blast, thanks in no part to Nanao coming in to save him. He lands on the ground, with her landing on top of him.

Shunsui: Dammit Nanao...there's a hole in my favorite cloak...

Nanao: Shut up before I put a hole in you.

Lille breathes the dust away as he turns around.

Lille: So you received help...but two insects are still nothing to fear. Take a look around you.

Lille beckons forward. The buildings behind Shunsui and Nanao have all been pierced, and there seems to be no end.

Lille: With my Schrift "the X-Axis" I govern everything that faces me...front and back, from zero to infinity. The scope of my power is can you compare?

Shunsui: You can tell me what he's saying after I've attacked him, Nanao. *rushes forward*

Shunsui slashes at Lille, but the Sternritter dodges his attack. Lille fires several blasts at him, but Shunsui gracefully moves out of their way.

Shunsui: I sure wish Ukitake was still here!

Nanao: His Shikai doesn't work like that!

Lille: This is growing tiresome...

Shunsui moves to take Lille from behind, but the eyes on Lille's wings fire back toward him.

Shunsui: You don't seem to have many blind spots! Come over here, Nanao!

Nanao races over to Shunsui.

Shunsui: It's time for Kagome Kagome...

To his shock, Lille's vision begins to blur as everything turns dark around him.

Lille: What he playing now?

Suddenly, a voice rings out around Lille, and he can't pinpoint its location as it circles around him.

Shunsui: Kagome kagome / The bird in the basket/cage,

When, oh when will it come out In the night of dawn The crane and turtle slipped Who is behind you now?

Lille: !!!...Which one is behind me?? He would probably want to be the obvious he may have used the girl in trickery!

Lille: It is...the girl!

Shunsui: Wrong.

Lille's vision returns as he notices Shunsui standing behind him and Nanao in front.

Shunsui: I can't believe you didn't pick the obvious choice...I win.

Shunsui stabs Lille through the back. However, Lille shows no signs of pain.

Lille: Are you so drunk that you've forgotten my power??

Lille phases out of the sword, no damage taken.

Lille: And you're both in my axis...perfect.

Lille fires shots at both Shunsui and Nanao. Shunsui manages to dodge, but his shoulder is pierced.

Shunsui: Gah! Nanao!

To Shunsui's relief, he sees Nanao picking herself back up, apparently uninjured.

Nanao: I knew that attack was coming! Don't forget such things in the middle of battle, Captain!

Shunsui: All right, all right...

Nanao: I suppose I should give you a little more assistance.

Nanao reaches into her sleeve


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