Title: The Offhanded Gesture

Pernida reels back as it looks at Mayuri's reconstructed arm.

Pernida: YOU...DIE...!

Mayuri: Once I take you in for research, the first thing I'll do is find where those words come out!

Mayuri then sees a wave of nerves snaking towards him.

Mayuri: Are you serious? Is that your only attack, Left Arm?

The nerves leap up off the ground as they force Mayuri back to the edge of the street, but Mayuri manages to cut them up using Ashisogi Jizo.

Ikkaku: The captain's headed straight for us...

Nemu: Well, that can only mean one thing-

Suddenly, Ikkaku sees something that shocks him.

Mayuri: I'm heavily disappointed in you. I expect to see more of your potential before I kill you!

Mayuri looks behind him.

Mayuri: Don't think I don't know where you're leading me! Right to-

Mayuri holds out his sword behind him, intercepting Ikkaku and Yumichika's strikes.

Yumichika: Stop us...Captain Kurotsuchi...

Mayuri: Is controlling people the only thing you Quincy do? You should've taken a note from your comrade that that doesn't work on me, fool!

Mayuri swings his sword, slashing Ikkaku and Yumichika across the waist, and they fall to the ground.

Yumichika: Dammit...what an ugly way to die...

Ikkaku: Kah...At least we can't harm the Gotei 13...

Pernida cries out in anger. Despite getting a grasp of human nature, this freak had defied it once again by cutting down his allies without remorse.


Mayuri: For great scientists such as myself, that title means nothing.

Pernida roars again. Suddenly, Yumichika realizes that his arm is still being controlled.

Yumichika: Gaah! I feel...compressed!

Ikkaku: We're going to implode!

Mayuri: Nemu!

Nemu nods and procures two needles. She sticks one into each of them, and the two go limp.

Mayuri: You can't seem to control unconscious bodies, can you? Kind of disappointing.

Mayuri readies Ashisogi Jizo again.

Mayuri: You also need to gather up your nerves before sending them out again! A great reason to be...afraid. ASHISOGI JIZO, FEAR LEVEL 5!

Mayuri stabs Pernida deep with Ashisogi Jizo.

Mayuri: Unlike Fear Level 4, this is more...contained. Your entire body will be filled with fear, and everything in you will shut down!

Mayuri jerks Ashisogi Jizo's hilt, and a high-pitched sound resounds in Pernida's body. Pernida begins shaking uncontrollably, when suddenly a bursting sound is made. Pernida then goes limp, and Mayuri pulls out Ashisogi Jizo, allowing it to fall.

Mayuri: Nemu! Get a large casing for this one.

Suddenly, Pernida's body begins to glow. To Mayuri's shock, it rises up.

Pernida: Never...die!

Pernida begins undergoing a transformation. Large wings sprout at its hilt, and its fingers become encased in a substance giving him claws at the end, including the spot where its missing pinkie is.

Mayuri: Oh! A Quincy Vollstandig, I take it? Interesting! I was getting disappointed in our fight up till now...

Pernida: HAND OF GOD!

Pernida reaches into the sky, and massive waves of nerves flow out of its fingers. The nerves come down and cover the surrounding area.

Mayuri: Throw me your best attack, Left Hand!

Pernida seems to acknowledge this statement as it uses nerves to cover a surrounding building. It then picks the building up and hurls it at Mayuri.

Mayuri: That's big, all right! But not big enough! Chest Shield!

Mayuri opens his robes, and out comes a large shield of energy. The building ricochets directly off the shield, straight towards a shocked Pernida. However, Pernida sends another wave of nerves at the building and reduces it to dust in seconds.

Pernida: DIE!!!

Mayuri: This may require some more strategizing...

Pernida goes full-on attack mode, using its nerves to destroy the ground and nearby buildings while heading towards Mayuri. Mayuri activates his Hirenkyaku again and takes to the air, but the nerves follow him upwards too. Soon, they form into a large treelike substance.

Mayuri: This could be bad...

Pernida: RAIN!

The tree of nerves suddenly shatters, sending nerves flying towards Mayuri from everywhere.

Mayuri: That's it? I expected more power!

Mayuri uses his sword to redirect some nerves while evading others. It is clear that he will not get hit anytime soon, until...

A great big mass of nerves comes from behind and blows a hole in his left side.

Mayuri looks back in shock and sees the detached pinky, also in Vollstandig form, controlling the nerves.

Mayuri: Damn...I forgot...

Unable to maintain his Hirenkyaku, Mayuri falls to the ground. Pernida recollects its nerves, preparing for a final strike.

Mayuri: This'll teach me to be careless...

Pernida roars as it unleashes a devastating attack.

Mayuri: BANKA-

Nemu: Stop, Captain!

Nemu steps out to Mayuri's side, and he looks at her in shock.

Nemu: Let me handle this.

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