We go to the roof of one of the buildings. Askin stands looking at Grimmjow.

Askin: Damn, he was annoying. Now I'm soo exhausted...time to settle in for a nice nap...

Suddenly, Askin's eye is drawn towards Grimmjow's direction, as another person has appeared: Orihime.

Askin: Go away, girl. Using my powers would be a waste on an easily breakable girl like you.

Orihime: Did this to Grimmjow??

Askin: Yes. If an Espada has fallen so easily, what can you do?

Orihime: I don't know...but I don't want to be a liability anymore! I swore-

The Shun Shun Rikka begins to glow, as Orihime thrusts out her palms as she prepares an attack. Askin's eyes bulge.

We cut to Kenpachi, Mayuri, and Nemu vs. Pernida

Pernida continues growing, and begins to emit unintelligible sounds.

Kenpachi: What...the hell is that...

Mayuri: Stop talking to yourself and move!

Kenpachi: But-

Mayuri shoves Kenpachi out of the way as the two captains tumble through the street.

Nemu watches Pernida's head grow in awe, when suddenly her entire midsecion collapses.

Kenpachi: Damn, that's harsh...

Mayuri: I thought can destroy things telepathically...

Kenpachi: We've gotta kill it then! *Kenpachi holds up his sword*

Mayuri: Wait, Zaraki! We don't know anything about it yet!

Kenpachi: You can do an autopsy when it's dead!

As he says this, Kenpachi races forward, ready to draw blood.

Meanwhile, Gerard continues running down the streets.

Gerard: Man, all this effort and still no-

Suddenly, Gerard catches a glimpse of the Shinigami running through the street.

Gerard: JACKPOT!

Gerard spinds around and rushes toward them.

Gerard: I'm gonna kill each and every one of you Shinigami!

Shinji: We've got company-

The Shinigami pull out their Zanpakuto as they prepare to counter Gerard's assault. Gerard moves swiftly, aiming hits at every Shinigami he finds. Meanwhile, Lille crouches on the roof, following the Shinigami.

Lille: Which one will be next...*sees Gerard spreading chaos* wait, what??!!

Lille: Dammit! I can't shoot with Gerard in the mix for fear of hitting him!

Lille prepares his gun, looking for an opening. He sees Sentaro becoming separated from the crowd, away from Gerard's assault.

Lille: There we go...

As Lille aims for Sentaro, he suddenly ducks as one of Shuhei Hisagi's blades flies over his head.

Lille: What the-you!

We see Hisagi, panting and nursing his shot wound.

Lille: But I shot you! You should be dead, I don't understand...!

Hisagi: I knew someone was up there...I had to offer myself to find the person responsible!

Lille: What??

Hisagi: Causing bloodshed while hiding yourself...that is a cowardly way to fight! If you want to kill someone, do it face to face!

Lille: Very well...

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