IDK where Xil is so let's give this baby a spin

Song to listen to while reading the chapter: "This City" by Snoop Dogg

It turns out that while Bazz got his ass completely handed to him, he got the better end of the deal. The other two Quincy, uh...looks up their names LILTOTTO AND GISELLE were facing the Almighty man himself. And they couldn't even put a scratch on him. And shame on them, for thinking they could disturb his nap. Although I wonder, given Yhwach's powers, he probably foresaw their betrayal, and they never had any chance of harming either of them.

Looks like it's now down to our remaining Shinigami friends plus everyone's favorite Espada against THOSE QUINCY...the ones you thought were dead but actually weren't...the ones resurrected *koff koff to draw out the plot koff koff* Anyways, looks like we got some setup going on so we can get these guys killed until they're dead.

Birdman is cursing everyone for abandoning him, which is what you get when your power hasn't been explained yet

Meanwhile, Team Karakura goes after Askin-who's Askin? Sorry I had to do that. But they quickly lose him, only for their Espada friend to continue giving chase. But after being offered candy from a stranger, it looks like it's the end of Grimmjow...or is it? I wouldn't mind if it was.

Meanwhile, the no-name Shinigami who've made names for themselves run along the streets without a care, until they realize this is Call of Duty all over again. I don't think Hisagi's down for the count yet, as we have yet to see him do anything important in this arc *cough*Bankai*cough*

And finally, Zaraki and Mayuri confront what looks to be a fire hydrant wearing a cloak. But not to worry, because when attacked, the hydrant blooms like a beautiful flower! Yeah, that was weird.

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