We wish you a merry Bleachmas
We wish you a merry Bleachmas
We wish you a merry Bleachmas
And a happy Bleach year

To help celebrate this festive holiday, I've made some custom Bleach christmas carols. Feel free to join along in the comments.

The 12 Days of Bleachmas

On the 12 days of Bleachmas my Kubo gave to me
12 Reapers running
11 eyes for Yhwach
10 Loyds a-leaping
9 days living
8 Quincies shooting
7 flashbacks
6 Vollstandigs
5 Lille clones
4 Schutzstaffel
3 Soul King limbs
2 Bankais
And our hero lying on the ground

O Bleach Wiki

O Bleach Wiki, O Bleach Wiki
Thy rules are so unchanging
All those refs when chapter's here
The blackness makes it all so drear
Each reference
Each protection
No one alive bans me so well

Lille Bells

Dashing through Wahrwelt
In a Soul Reaper platoon
Through the city we go
Then I hear a shot
There's nowhere left to hide
Now I'm lying on the ground
With a big hole in my side
Oh, Lille bells, Lille bells
I'm such a Lille fan
Oh what fun it is to fight
An intangible chicken man!

Have you got your own Bleachmas carols? Want me to adapt another tune? Share in the comments! Just plz don't ban it's Christmas

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